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Squirrels In The Attic Are No Joke - How To Evict Them

Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) once said that squirrels are like rats, but with cuter clothes.  Of course she was right.  Sometimes squirrels are just downright adorable.  Except when they eat the birdseed you put out in the feeder for your favorite blue jays or robins.

(Image of Red Squirrel - Image courtesy of Haap Media, Inc., - All Rights Reserved)

Yes, squirrels will climb up bird feeders and pig out.  I've even seen the hanging up in the air and swinging to knock at the feeders so food would drop up.  Not only do they have cuter clothes, they know how to get the goods.

Squirrels will also gnaw their way into your attic, or even worse, your house.  They find a lot of ways in and once they get settled, your house becomes theirs.  Squirrels are loud.

Not only do they love to play by scampering back and forth, it sounds like they're wearing loud army boots as they scurry back and forth over your head while you're trying to watch TV, take an afternoon nap, or live your quiet life in your abode.

(Image of Squirrel - Image courtesy of Haap Media, Inc., - All Rights Reserved)

The Invasion Of The Squirrels

Four years ago squirrels invaded my home where they took up residence for months.  Not that I invited them, although I did accidentally encourage them by feeding the birds in my backyard.  That's a big no-no since bird seed attracts squirrels (and other animals you may not like to have visit).

Once I figured out something was partying in the attic, I called my friendly exterminator.  He had been very successful at eliminating termites in the garage and getting rid of swarms of fire ants.  Why not some rodent squatters?

He told me the best bet was to set a timer on lights with a radio which would scare the rodents away.  He also suggested traps to catch them as they made a beeline back into the wilds.

Failed Extermination Attempts

Exterminator #1 failed miserably.  The squirrels only seemed to get louder.  Not a single one landed in a trap and the sound of gnawing became more pronounced.  Of course I was impacted.  My wallet was lighter from paying the first exterminator.

Exterminator #2 told me that you can't scare squirrels with lights or noise.  He said the surefire way to get rid of them was to spray the area where they were hanging out with fox urine.  Seriously?  He promised that would do the trick.  Needless to say, the treatment was a failure other than stinking up my attic.

In pure frustration I turned to the Internet searching frantically for a viable solution.  Afterall  I had already paid two exterminators with zero results other than a much lighter bank balance.

David Fincannon And A-All Pests To The Rescue

Finally I found David Fincannon at A-All Pest Termite Exterminators, Inc.,  David and his company have a very unique way of getting rid of squirrels, roof rats, possums, snakes and any other wildlife you could possibly imagine.

After doing a complete inventory of the house the A-All Pest technician identified several "hot" spots where the squirrels were most likely getting in and out of the house.

He plugged up all of the openings leaving one main opening still unplugged.  Why?  The worst thing you can do is trap a squirrel in your house.  They will chew their way to freedom even it means chewing a hole in your ceiling and running through your house looking for the nearest exits.

If they don't get out and die in your attic, the stench can be horrendous.  Bottom line, you want the squirrels to leave and never come back.  But not keep them detained where they can invade your house...and they will if you box them in.

How does A-All Pest get the squirrels to leave?  After closing off all of the openings except one, they rig the remaining opening in such a way as to completely freak out the squirrels so after they leave, they decide to never come back in.  At least not into your house.

Exit Of Unpaid Attic Guests

After a period of 7 days with no sounds or indications the squirrels have come back, A-All Pest returns, checks for squirrels and then comes back to close up the final opening.  Viola, you are rid of your unpaid attic guests.

Not only does A-All Pest guarantee they will successfully get rid of the squirrels without killing them (what a relief for me), they promise that once they're gone, they'll stay gone.

Trashed Electrical Wires

Even more impressive, David and his A-All Pest team made all of their promises come true.

Unfortunately after the squirrels were removed it was discovered their nervous gnawing chewed through some important electrical wires in the attic.  This is the reason why when you suspect squirrels or any other rodents in the house that you immediately call an exterminator like A-All Pest and get rid of the rodents ASAP.

Foxes Don't Hang Out In Big Cities

Forget fox urine.  If an exterminator tells you that is the cure, run for the hills.

As the A-All Pest tech told me, most squirrels that live in the city, like I do, have never even seen a fox and wouldn't know their urine from mine.

The A-All tech, who was friendly, prompt and helpful, also told me squirrels are smart enough to avoid traps and ignore music.  In fact, he joked that with the right music they might even bust out some moves.

Four years later not a sign of the squirrels.  Even if they did return, I know how to solve the problem instantly.

Stop Feeding The Birds

In the meantime, I listened to A-All's advice and stopped feeding the birds in my backyard.  No sense in playing with fire by even enticing squirrels unnecessarily.  Yes, they will run through my yard at times or jump on trees but keeping them out of my house is the goal.

Finally, the way you tell if you have squirrels versus roof rats is by the hours they keeps.  Rats are nocturnal and squirrels are more active during the day.

David Fincannon And A-All Pest

Unfortunately you can't text a squirrel and their fam to stay out of your house.  You can call David Fincannon, who is a very nice and knowledgeable guy at A-All Pest Control at 972-241-5223.    Or you can visit their website at: [email protected].

If you use David or his company please tell him that Karen at HairBoutique sent you.   The woman who answers their phone is a doll.  She is so helpful and sweet.

Not only I am grateful for David's amazing help with the squirrels, there was a second incident with roof rats.  Of course the rats are another story for another day.  Too many rodent stories and my head starts to spin off.

Squirrels And Hair?

And what does any of this have to do with hair?  Well if you have squirrels in your attic or house long enough I promise you will be pulling it out in clumps and then you'll have to write to me about your bald spots.  Trust me, David and A-All will save your sanity and your hair.

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