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Curly Girl Competes In Big Brother 2010 House

The Big Brother House is open again for Summer of 2010.  A new group of 13 house guests have moved into the Big Brother house and began the game.

In a series first, one contestant will play the game with one goal: to secretly wreak havoc on fellow house guests.

(Image of Monet courtesy of CBS - All Rights Reserved)

One of the new guests in the house is Monet, a 24 year-old self described model from Glen Carbon, Illinois with gorgeous long natural curls.

When she introduced herself to the other house guests Monet said she was "a student" and had two cats "Kitty and Furby".

Monet told the Big Brother cameras that she hoped all the other house guests "were up to her standards" because she didn't want to be in the house with "anybody that's dirty or gross."

One of the great things about the Big Brother house, which last for 75 days, is that the viewers get to watch all the guests deal with their hair during that time.  Of course many people watch the popular reality show because it's like a human chess game but I like to watch how the different guests deal with their hair on a daily basis.

Monet was shown packing and told the camera's she wished she had 90 swimsuits so that she would have one for every day in the house.  Which certainly provided an insight into Monet's role as a fashionista.

She also had strong opinions about red haired Rachel noting Rachel was "boob city" and had "two watermelons hanging on her chest".  Monet summarized Rachel as "ditzy".

Although Monet was in the last group to be allowed to enter the game, she did "blow past Kathy" in order to claim one of the last beds because she told the cameras she "wanted her own bed."  Monet said "let someone else sleep on the floor."

She also started off the first Head Of Household (HoH) contest by winning a cool $10,000 by grabbing a hold of a slimy hot dog which she rode across a pit of steaming rocks to the opposite platform.

One thing is for sure, if Monet lasts for any amount of time in the Big Brother house her hair care will offer great insight in how she handles her magnificent coils

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