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Thomas Haden Church Hates His Longer Hair Which He Controls With Headbands

Actor Thomas Haden Church (TV's Wings, Sideways) is quite a character.  When he stopped by The Bonnie Hunt Show recently to chat about his latest role in the edgy thriller Don McKay with Elisabeth Shue (Leaving Las Vegas) his honey blonde hair was flowing down past his shoulders.

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Thomas gave Bonnie a hard time about the fact she didn't remember him from the first time they met when they were both auditioning for a movie, Amos and Andrew, with Samual Jackson and Nicolas Cage.

Throughout his interview Thomas teased Bonnie about forgetting ever meeting him, having classic "dude humor" and being "quite an attractive little lady."  He also waxed poetically about his hair, voice, ranch and life as a surfer.  All in all it was a fascinating interview.

I kept telling myself there was no reason to keep listening to his interview after he spilled about his long hair, but he's so entertaining and outrageous, I didn't stop watching until the end and then I was disappointed it was over.

Thomas Haden Church seems like the kinda guy you invite to a party to keep all the other guests entertained.  I actually enjoyed him when he was on Wings and his comedy series with Debra Messing - Ned and

Dude Funny

The actor with the signature booming voice teased Bonnie about having "sort of a little bit of a crush on you".  Thomas said he would "talk to other men" about Bonnie, including Dave Letterman.  Thomas said Bonnie is very "dude funny."

He explained to a surprised Bonnie that "dude funny is good.  It's a compliment."  Bonnie said she understood "dude funny" because she had three older brothers.

A Romance Novel Cover With Long Hair

Thomas looked so different and Bonnie told him he's become like "a romance novel cover".

The actor explained his new hair look "I was growing my hair long for a movie to play a dirty cop and undercover.  An undercover dirty cop.  And the movie fell apart so I just kept on growing my hair for this other movie that started.  And then the director's like 'you're going to have a CGI bald alien head so we don't really care what you do with your hair' so I just kept it long."

Thomas Doesn't Really Like Longer Hair

Thomas really doesn't like having longer hair.  He said "it's (long hair) really a pain though.  It's like I don't really like long hair.  But you really gotta figure out ways to keep it out of your face.  Because I'm always in the wind, I'm always on the ranch."

Wearing Bandannas, Headbands And Spongy Cloth Bands

How does he deal with the longer tresses?  He told Bonnie, who suggested headbands for controlling locks, "I wear a bandanna all the time."  He teased and said "no, I have one of those white, what is it, like one of the spongy cloth, the terrycloth.  Yeah, I have one of those."

Laughing he said "I prance around the ranch with a terrycloth headband and the (matching) wrist band."

Then he said "I do, I wear a bandanna, I do.  Which brings up all sorts of Bret Michaels sort of, like the worst kind of comparisons, although he's a rocker of the first order, and he's trying to find love...I guess.  I don't know.  On Ebay?  I always see his name attached to a love bus or something  Or a love cruise."

Growing Up In South Texas

Thomas grew up in South Texas and is from a big family which includes five brothers and sisters.  He said his dad had these "great iconic figures when I was a kid.  These men we went to church with who were ranchers" really inspired him.

He said he did "this movie Tombstone" and got back into the ranching experience and it triggered him to want his own ranch which he bought in 1998.

Learning To Pinch Pennies From His Dad

Thomas' dad was in the military for 38 years and his parents both had previous marriages.  On their first date Thomas' dad picked his mom up in a pink station wagon.  His dad was a great saver and he got the pink station wagon for a really great price.  So even though it was an outrageous hue of vibrant pink, because it was so cheap, his dad didn't care.

Thomas said the pink station wagon drew all kinds of white line fever.

The actor said in some areas he's "borderline extravagant" and when pressed how he was a wild spender he said "I paid to have these boots resoled".

As the bad guy in Spiderman 3 he was able to get a bunch of $1 shirts.  He confessed offered to sign autographs or anything else in order to get great deals on the cheap shirts.

His Life As A Surfer

Thomas noted he calls everyone dude because he grew up surfing.  He said he surfed all over the world.  Including Bali, Malibu and Burlyhead in Australia.

Why did he give up surfing?  He explained he had to give it up because he became "pidgeon boned" from surfing.  He said his sternum really started to come out which is a well-known risk for surfers.

Loud Booming Voice

Bonnie teased Thomas about his loud voice and Thomas said he does talk loud because he's "always calling cattle."

Actually, if you think about it, Thomas just as that type of gravely loud voice that grabs your immediate attention.  I can't really think of a TV role (Wings) or movie where he doesn't throw his voice.  It's part of his character and also dare I say, part of his charm.

I know one thing, I would definitely love to be at a party with Thomas Haden Church.  Unless I have totally misread what he's like in person, he's gotta be a fabulous party guest, long flowing hair or not.

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