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OPI's Ogre The Top Blue - A Party For Your Nails

When I was in cosmetology school one of my favorite tasks was related to the nails.  A lot of hairdressers aren't into the nail part of the training but I adored it.  During that time I became a huge fan of OPI and since then have always favored that line.

One of OPI's most recently released nail polish collections is The Shrek Collection in honor of the latest 2010 Shrek movie - Shrek The Final Chapter - which opened in theaters on May 21st.

Of course it wouldn't be a true Shrek collection if it didn't have a color dedicated to our favorite big, strong, solitude-loving, intimidating ogre (voiced by Mike Myers as Shrek).

In true OPI fashion the new 2010 Shrek Collection features Ogre The Top Blue which is truly a big, strong, stunning true blue hue.

Yes, yes, I realize Shrek is actually a green ogre, but the Ogre The Top Blue dedicated to Shrek is so strong and opaque it fits the bill.  Plus if you look at the official Shrek posters promoting the flick you will see the vibrant blue background against Shrek's green body.

When I first saw the OPI Shrek Collection I was in total awe.  All of the hues are rich, vibrant and bigger than life.  The colors totally pop.  OPI's Suzi calls Ogre The Top Blue "the biggest, bestest bright blue ever" in her BeautyBlog.

Since the colors were so gorgeous in the bottles I couldn't wait to try the various hues on my own nails.  I decided to start my Shrek collection journey with the Ogre The Top Blue because blue is a hot hue right now and its always been one of my favorite colors.  Truth be told, the minute I saw the vibrant blue, I just had to have it.

Describing The Color

One of the issues I face with nail polish is trying to figure out if what I see in the bottle is what I get when I apply it to my nails.   With Ogre The Top Blue what you see is definitely what you get.

I adore Ogre The Top Blue because it's vibrantly bright, fun and definitely unique as compared to prior OPI blues of which I have worn.  I always get lots of compliments on my nails when they're coated with Ogre The Top Blue.

I would have to say that when it's on my nails it reminds me of a cross between a true blue and a turquoise blue.  Depending on how the light hits my nails, the color reminds me of a beautiful clear pool or the rich blue of the sea.  This color is definitely a party for your nails.

Compability With Skin Tones

Can anyone wear this creamy rich medium blue hue?  Of course you have to judge for yourself, but it's my opinion that because of the cool base of this blue it will suit people with any skin tone.

When in doubt ask your professional manicurist for their opinion or pop into and try it on with their virtual nail studio.  It gives you a great visual perspective.

How Many Coats?

When it comes to applying nail polish I always fret about the number of coats to apply.  Sometimes I'm in a hurry and just do one when in my heart I think two would be better.  Of course this is a personal preference thing.

I was very happy to discover that the with just one coat I was good to go with this gorgeous creamy blue hue.  You can always do two or more coats.  Of if you prefer, you can always layer coats, but Ogre The Top Blue only really needs one.   The vibrant primary blue hue is perfect for Summer or for any season you want to rock a stunning blue shade on your nails.

Ease Of Application

The high quality polish is very easy to apply.  It goes on smoothly and evenly.  One coat gave me a semi-opaque finish and two coats gave me a complete opaque finish.  It dried perfectly and lasted a long time for klutzy me.

Mix And Match

Of course you can experiment and mix it or top it with one of your shimmers.  The beauty of OPI nail polish is that is mixes and blends so well with many of it's color siblings.

Go Crazy With Contrasting Colors

Go crazy and apply the amazing blue to your your finger and toe nails or opt for a contrasting color.  To amp up the wow factor of this spectacular shade, you can even select a contrasting shade for the tips.

The polish is a true blue with no obvious black or gray tones.  It also doesn't have green, red or purple.  Combine it with a white base and it will morph into a lighter blue.

The color is so vibrant you might want to limit it to your toe nails unless you work in a relaxed work environment which is fine with party nail colors.

Tendency To Stain Nails

There is one downside to this amazing new hue which is very unique as OPI color collections go.  It does have a tendency to stain nails and the skin around them.  You may want to guard against that with a clear base.

The entire Shrek collection is quite impressive.  If you haven't checked out and you love OPI you're missing a great find.

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