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Sexy Leg Secrets Of Celebs

Although Summertime directs more focus then usual on our legs, any fashion trends which feature short hemlines bring legs into the limelight.

Of course if you want to rock the latest denim short shorts fashions, your legs definitely need to look their best.

(Image of Jennifer Aniston - - All Rights Reserved)

Celebrities who sashay down the Red Carpets in short gowns all year long understand the importance of showcasing a set of sexy stems.  There are many tricks ranging from the right pair of shoes to standing to win the camera's favor.

The reality?  Many celebs work hard all year long, in the health club, at home, at the skin spas and with their make-up artists and stylists to achieve the sexiest legs possible.

Toned Thighs And Curvaceous Legs At The Health Club

Although Jennifer Aniston is famous for her caramel and golden tresses, she is equally famous for her toned thighs and curvaceous legs which she achieves from long hours running on her treadmill at full tilt.

Jen has been spied at various fitness centers around the world, when she's traveling, working up a sweat at the local club's treadmill.  Of course Jen also tones her thighs and legs with her famous addiction to yoga.

(Image of Jennifer Aniston - - All Rights Reserved)

Whether you copy Jen's treadmill technique or opt for other forms of leg focused exercises, the first stop along the journey to having sexy legs is some form of leg workouts.  While Jen obviously gets results from her methods, other celebrities swear by pilates (Tiffani Thiessen).

Cycling, Running, In-line Skating, Stair Climbing

Celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak whipped Jessica Simpson's legs into Daisy Duke shape with focused cycling, running, in-line skating and stair climbing with Pasternak promises have major thigh and calf-sculpting benefits.

Try cycling, running, in-line skating, and stair climbing, which all have thigh- and calf-sculpting payoffs.  Twilight's Nikki Reed told Us Weekly she rides her bike along the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) to achieve her killer legs.

Audrina Patridge of The Hills has confessed to achieving her great gams from lots of outside sports which works her calf and thigh muscles.

(Image of Audrina Patridge showing off her killer back and legs at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards - - All Rights Reserved)

Sculpting Your Hamstrings

Pasternak also suggests exercises for sculpting your hamstrings with a stability ball. If you prefer you can resort to old-fashioned thigh and leg toning lunges and squats.

While you're working those muscles don't forget to crank up your favorite tunes.  Research has shown that music can motivate you to exercise harder and longer so you get your legs in shape much faster.

Slather On The Leg Bronzer And Finish With A Shimmer

Regular exfoliation of dry skin during your normal shaving process is a given for sexy legs.  To crank the sexiness factor up a notch follow the celebs tricks by apply bronzers to give legs a darker hue which hides a multitude of sins from scars, stretch marks and cellulite but also makes legs look slimmer and longer.

Layer a shimmer or similar cream down the center of the thighs to the ankles for a subtle shimmer which reflects light and adds to slimming factor of the bronzed legs.  If you don't have the time for exfoliating, shaving and bronzing then wear dark tights or hose to achieve a similar result.

Head For The Skin Spa

Celebrities often visit skin spas where they receive skin smoothing scrubs, caffeine, seaweed or similar based mud wraps or fluid draining massages right before a big Red Carpet event.

(Image of Audrina Patridge showing off her killer back - - All Rights Reserved)

While a spa offers many advantages, the same skin wraps can be applied at home in the privacy of your bathroom.  There are many at-home treatment products available on the market which will help to tone, firm and reduce leg water retention for lean and toned looking legs.

Hiding A Myriad Of Flaws

For serious dimpling, cellulite or spider veins there are a wide range of laser treatments available.  The Thermage Comfort Pulse Technology is the hottest new treatment celebs are utilizing.  The downside to the treatment is that it can cost $3,500 to $5,000 per session.

(Image of Heidi Montag - DC Media - All Rights Reserved)

And yes, some celebs like Demi Moore and Heidi Montag are rumored to have had some plastic surgery to improve their knees and legs but ultimately most celebs put in the time and the work for their luscious limbs.

Experienced make-up artists can also hide spider veins with proper layering of base and shimmer products.  Of course when in doubt, spray tans, bronzers, dark nylons or tights can create the perfect cover up.

Finish With The Proper Pedicure And Shoes

After committing to a full range of treatments for their legs, celebrities show off their gorgeous gams with perfect pedicures with the latest laquer hues matched to stunning shoes.

Jessica Simpson who has confessed to not always worrying about brushing her teeth is religious about wearing the highest heels she can find because she knows they show off her legs.  Jess even has worn skyhigh heels to the pool because she understands their ultimate value.

(Image of Jessica Simpson - - All Rights Reserved)


Keep your lower limbs looking spectacular by following some or all of the celebrity hints listed above.  Afterall, celebrities have to look good as part of their career so they have all the secrets nailed down.

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