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Ashton Kutcher Shares Social Media Theory Of Thrash

In a February 2010 interview with Sky Magazine Ashton Kutcher stated "Thrash is a wake of moving toward a target." -Ashton Kutcher.  So what exactly is Thrash and why is it so important to Ashton?

(Image of Ashton Kutcher and wife Demi Moore - - All Rights Reserved)

On a recent ABC Nightline features Ashton also discussed thrash and how it comes into play in his own media world.

He told Nightline "you don't want to make trouble, it's just thrash".  Which means "you're doing something that hasn't been done before."  Because whenever "you do something that hasn't been done before people make sounds like (opens his mouth) aaaahhhhh" and "oh my gosh, that's really scary."

In fact, thrash is what's going on with Ashton's new video which he shot to promote his new movie "Killer".  He explained "as soon as you seen a gun and a bullet come into a frame, you have to stop and watch it 'what the hell's going to happen?  Right?'

Thrash, in a sense, is the key ingredient in any thing that will generate a viral video.  For the "Killer" video Ashton Kutcher is loading a gun and pointing it right at the screen.  Of course people will stop to watch.  Who wouldn't?

Ashton Kutcher Used His Own Gun For His Video

Ashton explained that the gun was actually "loaded" and he was "actually worried I might shoot my screen."  Why?  He doesn't have "dummy bullets at home."

Even more interesting the gun in the video is Ashton's "real gun" which he keeps "under his bed" in his home.  He explains everyone needs a gun under their beds.  Why?  Ashton said "I don't have security."

Ashton's Thoughts On Brittany Murphy's Tragic Death

During his interview on Nightline Ashton discussed ex-love Brittany Murphy for the first time publicly, since her untimely death.   Ashton said he saw Britney just two months before her death when he auditioned her for a part.

When discussing the blonde actress he said "I don't know if you try to make sense of it (her tragic death) or not, I mean I just celebrate who she was.  She was always like the first person to dance.  You know when you go to a party and everyone's standing around and the musics going and you know sooner or later someone's going to dance?  She was always the first person to dance."

A Biological Baby With Demi Moore?

During the interview Ashton was asked his thoughts on having a biological baby with Demi Moore.  Did he want to have one of his own?

In answer to the question he shrugged his shoulders and said "I don't know."

The interviewer pointed out that over the years both he and and Demi have both said yes to having a biological child.

(Image of Brittany Murphy - - All Rights Reserved)

He told Nightline "there's a level of independence we've never had in our relationship since our relationship started we might want to take advantage of.  Since in our relationship we've always had kids."

Since their marriage in 2005 Ashton has played an active part in the raising of Demi and Bruce Willis' three daughters.  It makes sense he might want to have Demi all to himself.

Regardless when asked about Demi's biological age for bearing children Ashton said "I think my wife is a genetic freak.  I think my wife has like some (secret store of eggs) something.  I don't know what she has going on.  I'm not worried."

Keeping The Keys At The Zoo

When discussing his love for Twitter and social media, he said "if I'm going to be in a zoo.  I want the keys to the cage."

It was explained that Ashton, Demi and their family have in the past been stalked by the media and papparrazzi.

By becoming a star on social media he has effectively bypassed the papps by taking the photos he wants to take and presenting them online through Twitter and Facebook.  Which of course completely cuts out the value of the papparrizzi taking photos of him and his family.

Nightline pointed out tabloid photos (of Ashton) become a lot less valuable when he's posting the real deal himself.

Ashton said "I'm 1,000 percent certain I'm less exposed now" because "I expose what I want to expose it when I want to expose it."

Not to mention social media has opened a whole new world of opportunity for the star.  Kudos to Ashton.

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