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Erykah Badu Goes Casual With Hair And Fashions

Controversial singer, songwriter and performer Erykah Badu recently performed at the American Airlines Performance Center in Houston. 

She was shocking in her appearance, but in a different way.  The renowned artist who has been known to wear her hair au natural in a big 60s style Afro has also been known to appear with her head shaved or wrapped in sky high scarves.

(Image of Erykah Badu in Houston, Texas at American Airlines Center - April 8, 2010 - DC Photo - All Rights Reserved)

However, at her appearance in Houston the artist who recently made news for stripping naked in downton Dallas, was wearing a lilac hoodie with the hood pulled over her head.  Although you could make out her hair, it appeared to be very subdued in style along with her total outfit.

If you didn't know it was Erykah, you might not have believed it because her previous history of fashions has been very unique, striking and over the top. 

I must admit I was a little disappointed with her low key hairstyle since I enjoy seeing the hairstyle flair she has displayed in the past.  

Yes, I enjoy her music but I also enjoy how she brings her entire personality into her performances.  As far as I'm concerned hair and fashions add to the total performance experience.

Erykah also wore cut off khaki style pants with her hoodie.  Definitely a completley different look for the chart topping performer.

For more image of Erykah check out her Twitter.  

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