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Blair Brown's Stunning Red Medium Length Bob Hairstyle

Blair Brown On Fox/TV's Fringe

Blair Brown's Stunning Red Medium Length Bob Hairstyle

If you're a fan of Fox/TV's Fringe series you know red tressed Blair Brown plays the powerful, yet extremely mysterious, Nina Sharp.

I've loved Blair Brown since she first caught my attention in the film "Altered States" with William Hurt.  I also loved her in her TV series "The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd".

In both of those roles her red hair was part of her beauty signature.  She wears her hairstyle well.  It works not only to amp up her presence, but it flatters her skin and eye tones as well as her face shape.

Blair's softly textured fringe consists of different lengths extending across her forehead.  It makes her beautiful eyes pop and minimizes any forehead flaws.

She's understated, but powerful, on "Fringe" as Nina Sharp.  You don't see her dominating screen time, but when she's present she's fabulous as the Fringe family's wicked aunt.

As the power behind Massive Dynamic, she holds lots of deep secrets which the audience is slowly discovering.

Blair Brown As Nina Sharp On Fringe

Last week in a fascinating look back into time we discovered Nina's damaged arm goes back to when Walter crossed time barriers.  During that crossing Walter kidnapped his son Peter from a different reality.

The perpetually bob coiffed Nina tried to stop Walter from crossing over. He fought her and her arm was permanently damaged in the process.  It was a fascinating insight to her character and personality.

In the most recent episode she knows a lot about the mysterious series of deaths involving Cortexiphan kids.

Note: To check out Blair's stunning Bob Hairstyles visit her Blair Brown Hairstyle Gallery

In the episode where Nina goes back in time she still rocked her gorgeous red, medium length bob hairstyle.

Not only has Blair won five Emmy Award nominations for her work as Molly Dodd, she is a classy fashionista whose hairstyle works perfectly for both her on-screen and off-screen persona.

Hopefully Fringe will be on the air for many years to come.

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