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Men's Hair Extension Benefits

On Season Three of Bravo's Shear Genius (SG) the first challenge of the evening, known as the Short Cut Challenge required the SG contestants to use HairUWear extensions on men.  It was a unique twist for a reality hair show which more often utilizes women for their challenges.

(Image of Male Model Wearing Hair Extensions Coiffed Into A Back Ponytail on Shear Genius 3 - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

See: Why Faatemah Ampey Was Cut From Shear Genius 3

Reality TV in this case was very true to the real world where women are no longer the only people who utilize hair extensions to address thinning tresses and to minimize hair loss issues.  Although not commonly discussed, several celebrity men utilize hair extensions at some point in their career.

Hair extensions for men are used not only for issues like Male Pattern Baldness (MPB), but also to help fashion conscious men instantly change their hairstyle.  Afterall, women use clip-in and temporary hair extensions to change their hair color, texture and to add highlights and lowlights.  Men now have the same options.  And why not?

In the past men might have worried about visiting a hair salon to discuss hair extension options.  However, over the past ten years hair trends and attitudes have changed to the point that many hair stylists are well versed in using hair extensions on men for a wide range of reasons, including minimizing thinning issues.

(Image of Shear Genius 3 male model wearing HairUWear hair extensions to enhance his natural curls while giving them a fuller profile - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

Long Range Hair Integration Plan

A great hairstylist can develop a long range plan to help any man (or woman) transition through the onset of thinning hair.  A man can utilize known hair loss retardants such as Propecia, Viviscal and Rogaine.  The right haircut and color can be deployed to make existing hair look fuller and thicker.  Finally, a hairstylist can start to add subtle hair extension strands incorporating them slowly so that it is not obvious.

Ironically, hair extensions optionally can be attached with the same type of tape used for traditional toupees if there's not enough hair to attach via fusion methods.

Key To Natural Looking Hair Extensions

The key to natural looking hair extensions lies in the hands of the hair extension expert.  If you find a hair extensionist who is known for their work with women, it is very likely they are also experts at working with men.

(Male Model from Shear Genius 3 coiffed by Janine Jarman.  This male model won the Shear Genius Short Cut Challenge for hair extensions.  Janine added lots of extensions on top to give the volume and fullness directly adjacent to the crown.  This was a brilliant use of hair extensions and could be used on the right man to cover thinning - Shear Genius 3 - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

Another key element is the quality and color of hair used.  Whenever possible the highest quality of human hair should be utilized along with a perfect color match which can be handled by your hair extension professional.  They can dye the hair extensions to match your existing hair color, even adding gray if you desire.

It's important to understand hair extensions for men may require more care and maintenance than for women.  That's especially true if your hair tends to grow quickly.  You will need to keep your hair extensions trimmed and tightened on a regular basis to guarantee the best long term wear from your add-on hair.

Human hair extensions are the most expensive compared to synthetic hair or mixed, human and synthetic.  However, if you're invested in using hair extensions for the long term, invest in the highest quality of human hair which can be reused when well planned.

(Image of Shear Genius 3 male model wearing hair extensions to create the long side-swept fringe - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

Factors Involved In Hair Extension Costs

Hair extensions range in cost depending on the following factors:

1.  Quality and origin of hair

2.  Whether hair is human, synthetic, mixed or other

3.  Customization required (hair color, texturixing)

4.  How many strands are utilized

5.  Method of attachment (fusion such as hot or cold glue, tape or other)

6.  Whether hair can be reused as natural hair grows out

7.  Expertise of the extensionist

8.  Cost of ongoing maintenance

Reputable hair extension professionals are happy to provide a written cost estimate as well as a list of referrals you can contact.  Many hair extension pros will also have a book showing before and after images.

Depending on a range of factors hair extensions can last from a few weeks to as much as four months.  There is no absolute estimate because of the wide range of variables.

(Image of Male Model Wearing HairUWear Hair Extensions on Shear Genius 3 - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

Fabulous Self Esteem Booster - Start Small - Work From That Point

For anyone feeling bad about themselves due to hair thinning, high quality hair extensions installed by an expert can be a fabulous self esteem booster.

If you are unsure whether you'll be comfortable with hair extensions, start with just a few strands.  Most men opt for tape or glue attachment since the beads or clips may show through thinning hair.  However, you may decide you aren't comfortable with any type of extension hair or method.

After trying just a few strands if you like the look and the feel, you can make a full commitment.  If you don't like it, you haven't spent very much to give it a shot.


If you decide to check out hair extensions be sure and do your research.  Take your time in selecting the best option for you.

Hair extensions can be a fabulous solution.  However, there are maintenance issues which you must address and also determine of the best attachment method for your lifestyle and comfort level.

(Image of male model from Shear Genius 3 wearing hair extensions to create side-swept strands - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

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