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Will Smith Watches Son At Kids Choice, Reportedly Meddles On Wife's TV Set

Superstar Will Smith was spotted in the audience at the recent Kids Choice Awards where his son Jaden did a demonstration with Jackie Chan related to their new movie which is a remake of "The Karate Kid".

Jaden was coiffed in braids.  Jackie and Jaden were also presenters of an award.

(Image of Will Smith - - All Rights Reserved)

Will is back in the news today as co-producer on his wife's hit series "HawthoRNe".   The media has reported that Will is causing delays in the production of the show's second season because he reportedly keeps demanding massive re-writes to the story lines.  "HawthoRNe" - starring Baltimore native Jada Pinkett Smith as Cristina Hawthorne, the tough head nurse of Richmond, Va's Trinity Hospital - returns with new episodes this summer.

However, the story has been denied by Will's people.  Will Smith's publicist said the whole story is "untrue."

Other sources claim that Will in not currently shooting a movie and has been on the set constantly over recent weeks.   Because of his input he's pushed back the production schedule and caused chaos on set.  TNT had an official "no comment".

Variety reported Thursday that Smith is currently deciding between reprising his role in a third "Men in Black" film or starring in 20th Century Fox's upcoming fantasy-adventure "The City That Sailed."

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