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Nurse Jackie On Season 2, Episode 2 Tackles God, Twitter And Stalking

Edie Falco is the bomb as Nurse Jackie.  On tonight's episode, which was beyond insane Jackie is dealing with a little boy who might have a serious disease (cystic fibrosis) while Dr. Fitch Cooper aka Coop played brilliantly by Twilight's Peter Facinelli is obsessed with Twitter.  He is shown walking down the halls talking out loud as he tweets.

(Image of Jackie and Kevin Peyton on Showtime's "Nurse Jackie" - All Rights Reserved)

In fact, he's tweeting so much that Nurse Jackie lodges a complaint with her whacked out supervisor, Mrs. Gloria Akalitus, played by Anna Deavere Smith.

She tells Akalitus, her on-again, off-again nemesis, that Coop is pissing her off because he's tweeting so much.  Coop tells Jackie he's going to tweet about her and she warns him he better not.  And she means business.

He gives her a look of disdain and tweets "byatch" in response.

Meanwhile Dr. Eleanor O'Hara (Eve Best) who is normally full of piss and vinegar, but a level headed doctor, is high on Ecstasy and pot (Thai sticks) after losing her mother.  She is treated in the hospital for being out of control, but manages to hold it together long enough to give Nurse Zoey Barkow a Hermes scarf, which Zoey proudly mispronounces as she gushes about her gift from Dr. O'Hara.

Then she signs off on a bunch of Jackie's cases before returning to her high-on-love fueled state.

Nurse Zoey played wonderfully by Merritt Wever also deals with a mental patient who thinks he's God, but then decides after being hit by a flying bottle and rushed to the hospital that he's no longer God.  He suffers a major identity crisis.    Zoey takes pity on God and helps him reclaim his identity.  He promptly picks up where he left off, screaming out his high rise window at people passing by as Zoey smiles from below in satisfaction.

The segment with Zoey showing compassion for the mentally ill God was touching and funny.  That girl can act.  But then so can just about everyone on the show which is sharp, edgy, funny, touching and sad, all at the same time.

Meanwhile Jackie is also dealing with her oldest daughter Grace who obviously needs a  psych consult for OCD issues and slyly asks Akalitus for a recommendation.

The crazy, but wise nursing supervisor, provides a name and kindly lets Jackie know the request for a psychologist is for Jackie's daughter.  It was a poignant moment.  Akalitus shares that the recommended doctor helped her own son.

Of course Jackie continues to struggle with her secret drug addiction which former secret lover pharmacist Eddie Walzer (Paul Schulze) knows about.

Eddie, who found out at the end of Season One that Jackie was married has taken to some aggressive forms of stalking.  He took a calculated drug overdose so he would be able to see Jackie in the emergency room when he was rushed in.  Of course he let her know he overdose on purpose to see her.

While Jackie continues to ignore his repeated calls and texts Eddie is slyly hanging out with Jackie's oblivious husband Kevin (Dominic Fumusa) who runs a neighborhood pub.  The naive Kevin shares lots of information about his wife Jackie and his kids with Eddie not knowing that he is his wife's recently dumped secret lover.  Could it be any more scary to think of what could happen if and when Kevin finds out?

This is a show you just can't stop watching.  I adore Edie Falco but I also adore Nurse Jackie's plot lines, the dialogue, the characters and even the hospital setting.

My only fear about this brilliant show is that it will eventually be cancelled.  If there is a god of great cable series, please grant this show another season or two or three.  Showtime, can you hear me praying?

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