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Golden Globes Fashions Only For The Thick Skinned

I started preparing for my hair and fashion viewing of the Golden Globes when the nominees were first announced.  Then yesterday I sat down with my notebook computer, a couple of water bottles, my 2 TIVO remotes and started watching as fast I could.

I watched the E! red carpet shows, which included a pre-Red Carpet and the actual Red Carpet.  Then I flipped back and watched my recording of Billy Bush and the folks at Extra.

(Image of Edie Falco as Nurse Jackie on Showtime's dark comedy "Nurse Jackie" - Showtime - All Rights Reserved).

Once that was finished I watched the actual Golden Globes.  By that point I had written over 30 blogs and it was going on 4 am.  My fingers hurt, my back hurt and my notebook looked up in protest of my constant key pounding.

Was it worth it?  Of course.  The Golden Globes are actually the preview for hair and fashion for the rest of the years.  Also, it's interesting to see which shows will win based on the Foreign Press versus our own home press.

One of the really sad things about watching the Golden Globes is knowing that some of the celebrities spent days, weeks and even months getting ready to walk down the Red Carpet and open themselves up to unpredictable reactions.  It used to be easier for celebrities before the explosion of bloggers on the Web.  Now, anyone with a Web device can weigh in with their opinions.

Even when I don't personally like a celebrity's fashion, accessories or hair, I try to be very kind about my comments.  I know that if some of the things written about the stars were written about me I would be completely crushed.

Edie Falco, whom I loved as Carmela in "The Sopranos" was ridiculed by comedian Joan Rivers when she walked the Red Carpet at the Emmy Awards in 1999.  Edie confessed to the The Guardian that Joan upset her when she insulted her outfit at the Emmy Awards.

Edie wnet on to pick up the 'Outstanding Lead Actress' statue at that year's ceremony for her portrayal of Carmela, but Rivers described her as the worst-dressed celebrity of the night.   Edie, now starring in Showtime's "Nurse Jackie" reported "I felt like Carrie getting blood poured on her at the prom. My feelings were really hurt."

Of course Edie had her own comeback for Joan by saying "She (Joan Rivers) looks like she was in some horrible fire, frankly. But whatever, to each his own. It was not a good start in the industry."

Although Edie got skewered by Joan in 1999, it didn't hurt her career one bit.  She has had a spectacular acting career and continues to shine in everything she touches.

Although she lost out to Julianna Marguiles in TV's "The Good Wife", Edie was nominated for a Golden Globe award for best comedic television actress for her current role on Showtime's "Nurse Jackie."

Edie was shocked she was in the running in the comedy category because she doesn't think of herself as a comedic actress.  The actress told The Los Angeles Times "It's the craziest thing I've ever heard in my life," she said. "I was just like: 'In the same category as Tina Fey?' That's ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous."

Edie's Golden Globe nomination, was followed shortly after by a Screen Actors Guild (SAG) nod for best comedic actress,  marks new territory for Falco.   Edie won two past Golden Globes for her performance as Carmela Soprano in the iconic HBO series.  Now she is in a whole new ballgame and is being praised for her work in comedy.

Although Edie may not think she is doing comedy in "Nurse Jackie" the critics and her fans don't agree.  Regardless of the genre, she is brilliant as the harried emergency room nurse with a secret addiction to prescription pain medicine who manages to juggle a husband, two daughters and a secret lover along with her little drug habit.

The dark comedy series debuted as Showtime's strongest new show ever, averaging 1.22 million viewers for its Monday premieres and drawing a cumulative audience of 3.8 million viewers on average each week. The second season begins March 22nd.  I for one, can't wait.

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