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Kevin James Gets Serenaded By Adam Sandler At Kids Choice Awards 2010

When the Kids Choice Awards 2010 started on Nickelodeon, Kevin James was captured backstage wearing and elegant tux and talking about being the host of the show.  He was holding some index cards.  When asked what was on the cards he said "some fun facts, some math stumpers and maybe a riddle."

The response from the guys he was talking to?  Ewwwwww.  They told Kevin "you've got to bring the know?"  Kevin said "gotcha, start with the riddle."  The guys backstage said "no, no, no.  Bring some energy."

Kevin said "now that's a game changer.  Pointing to his index cards he said "this is gold."

The guys said "come onnnnn.  Bring the fire.  You've got to go over the top."  Kevin seemed nervous "Over the top?  I'm notttt."  The guys said "relax.  You're going to be great.  You're going to be great.  Fine.  Go on stage and be yourself. Do a little dance."  They said "this is a really big show.  Make a lot of noise!"

Kevin turned to leave and said "do a little dance, make a lot of noise.  Thanks guys."   The guys said "make sure someone gets slimed tonight.  Because you've got to have the slime."

Kevin said "You do.  It's the Kids Choice Awards, 2010, yeah, OK, slime.  You do a little dance, you make a lot of noise and you get slimed tonight."

Kevin went roaring off the stage.  He was introduced as "the hottest host in the land."  Kevin walked out onto the stage with screaming kids and music playing in the background.  Kevin was wearing his tux and looked freaked out.  The music playing was "Do A Little Dance".

He yelled "stop it, stop it."  He said "I'm nervous, I can't do it here."  From above the stage a voice bellowed "no, no, you can do this.  You can do this Kevin."

Kevin yelled "Angel Adam Sandler?"  Adam Sandler comes floating down from the sky dressed as an angel.

Adam says "shame on you Kevin.  You have it in you. You're a good dancer.  The children love you.  Right children?  You can do this Kevin."

Kevin rips off his tux and has a silver jump suit.  Then Adam sings in the background, dressed like an angel as Kevin and a line of dancers in jump suits dance.  It was pretty hilarious to hear Adam sing and to watch Kevin dance.

You have to give Kevin credit.  While Adam was egging him on screaming "wow, wow, wow" Kevin was really dancing his heart out.

Green slime fountains started spouting up on the stage.   Then a list of unbelievable stars were announced.

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