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How Jesse James Deceived Sandra Bullock

So how did a smart, successful, talented and gorgeous woman like Sandra Bullock, adored by all who knew her, fall prey to such a shocking series of events with regard to her husband?

Many are asking how she didn't know about her husband's many betrayals.  They want to know how Jesse was able to deceive her for virtually the entire course of their marriage.

The Obvious Red Flags

Yes, there are all the obvious red flags Sandra might have considered when she decided to marry the reality TV star.  He had already been married twice and his second wife was a well known porn star.

He also came from a dysfunctional family with a father who had a history of not being able to form long lasting relationships or romantic partnerships. The media has exposed the fact that every time Jesse, as a young boy, got close to his dad's latest lady, his dad would end the relationship.  In essence giving the message that no relationship with a woman would last long or end on a happy note.

At some level this encouraged a distrust of women and the possible unconscious belief that all women would leave him.  In addition, he had a known attraction for women who were heavily inked with large bust lines.  Definitely not Sandra.

Looking Towards Other Indications

Moving past the logical and historical data about Jesse as a potential mate are the astrological indications.  There are several major planetary red flags a skilled astrologer would have spotted if Sandra had consulted one for advice before tying the knot.

Astrology can often spot success or failure logical reasoning has not uncovered.  Furthermore a skilled astrologer can predict potential actions and outcomes in a person's life.  Such is the case with Sandra Bullock and Jesse G. James.

Astrology Explains Jesse's Infidelities

The heart shattering delusion Sandra experienced with Jesse is clearly present in both her and Jesse's charts.  Without going into a detailed analysis of the wedding chart or Jesse's chart, which clearly shows infidelity, you can see the marital betrayal in Sandra's natal, progressed and transit charts.

Natally Sandra is a Leo with Moon in Aquarius.  Her planet of commitment, Saturn, is in Pisces which can manifest as confusion or delusion regarding serious commitments such as marriage.  It can also indicate fear, uneasiness and delays.

Why Sandra Waited Until Age 40 To Wed 

This placement of her natal Saturn would partially explain why Sandra waited until 40 to marry, even though she had serious male suitors before Jesse.  She most likely was very uncomfortable with the idea of marriage and afraid of getting hurt.

Her Moon is in Aquarius which makes her logical and rational as well as spiritual in her own way.   Chiron in her chart is also in Pisces which indicates a serious wounding in the area of serious commitment such as marriage.

Sandra's natal love planet of Venus in Gemini indicates she needs lots of space in any of her relationships. However, with Chiron challenging her position of Venus, there could be emotionally devastating experiences around marriage or commitment.  Ultimately the horrific emotional pain would lead to greater personal growth and success.

Deep Wounds In Love Relationships

Sandra met Jesse James in December 2003 when transiting Pluto (transformation and compulsion) formed a challenging square to Chiron (deep wounding in love relationships) in Sandra's chart.  During that time the planets set off the Chiron/Venus connection.

Sandra's Pluto transit pushed her soul to face parts of herself that had long been hidden.  In Sandra's case, a push to surrender her fear of marriage and take the plunge, which she did with Jesse.  The Pluto also made her fall deeply in love with Jesse.

Pluto transits to Venus also bring about intense relationship experiences which can be very difficult, but in the end, teach us something extremely important about ourselves. Pluto transits to Chiron can expose a person to deep wounds, but also allows them to heal in the process.  Such was the case with Sandra.

Sandra's Desire To Heal Pain Of Relationship Issues With Jesse

For the two years Sandra and Jesse were dating, Pluto was making aspects to Venus and Chiron triggering her desire to heal (Chiron) her relationship issues (Venus) and make the ultimate commitment.

Even more telling, Sandra was in a "Neptune Square" period between 2004 and 2005 during her eventual marriage to Jesse. This is a well-known planetary cycle often creating confusion and the great potential to be deluded with regard to the planets it makes aspect with.  For Sandra it was marriage and relationships.

Sandra And Jesse Married Under Cloud Of Delusions

When Sandra and Jesse married in July 2005, she was in the middle of not only the Neptune Square, but also the Uranus Opposition (when transiting Uranus is opposite Uranus in the natal chart), stimulating rebellion and the desire for change.

At the time many fans wondered about Sandra's odd choice for her first husband.  In a way it was her form of being rebellious.

The Dark Side Of Jesse James

The man Sandra thought she was marrying was not really the man she thought.  There was also a tie to Jesse's Pluto which indicates a dark side to the Monster Trucker.   His natal moon (women in his life) was in Gemini which can indicate having move than one woman at the same time or involving deception towards the woman he is involved with.

Based on all the planetary indications I expect many more secrets to be revealed about Jesse besides his other women.  Many of his financial problems are currently coming to light.  Did Sandra know about these or not?  Watch for other dark secrets to eventually emerge.

The advantage to studying the planets is that they often offer insights to people that we might not get anywhere else.  Why not use every tool at your disposal to protect yourself in all matters of the heart?

Sandra's Rose Colored Glasses

A well versed astrologer would have warned Sandra that she was entering into a relationship with a man while wearing rose colored glasses.

However, in the end, all the pain of learning of Jesse's many betrayals will help her become a stronger and better person.  Her career will also soar to even bigger heights although it may take her quite some time to trust again.

Sandra Should Divorce Jesse Quickly And Move On

Should she divorce Jesse?  Astrologically the answer is yes and she should cut all ties and do it quickly.  She should also have the divorce handled through legal intermediaries since Jesse will try to win her back.  Sandra should not look back because based on the planets, if given the chance, Jesse would deceive her again and again.

One of my favorite saying is "if it's doesn't kill us it makes us stronger."  I am so sorry for the pain Sandra must be feeling but know in the end she will come out of this with flying colors.

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