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Dita Von Teese's Raven Black Hairstyle

One of the best articles I read about Dita Von Teese (born Heather Sweet) was in the May 2007 issue of Baazar Magazine.  The article was titled "Dita Comes Clean" by Sheryl Garratt and investigated the life of Dita right after her famous split from Marilyn Manson.

(Image of Dita Von Teese - - All Rights Reserved)

To this day no one really knows what caused the couple, together for many years, to separate suddenly.  In fact, it was so sudden that Dita moved out instantly and didn't look back.

Raven Black Unique Hairstyles From 1940s and 1950s

The gorgeous fan dancing stripper has completely reinvented herself since her humble birth in a small town in Michigan.  She took the name Dita from Dita Parlo, a silent film star.  She also draws inspiratio from Hedy Lamaar.

I've always admired Dita because she has a history of adopting unique hairstyles to match her classic fashions.  She often wears her adopted raven black hair adorned with soft Lana Turner style curls right out of the 1940s and 1950s.  Ironically, Dita is a natural blonde, but adopted her dark tresses for a more dramatic look.  Indeed, it works.

Dita has been a darling of the fashion elite due to her well-played career built around the creation of a total retro glamazon character. Dita's adopted black hair works well as a dramatic frame around her alabaster skin which is made-up to perfection with an eye on retro style.

She told Bazaar "I've always wanted to have dark hair and play the image of the femme fatale without actually being one."  Dita clarified "I'm a girl's girl, I'm not the mantrap, home-wrecker kind of girl at all."

(Image of Dita Von Teese - - All Rights Reserved)

Over the years Dita has rocked stunning old Hollywood updos, retro bobs and a Bettie Page medium length bob hairstyle.  She's also worn retro rolled bangs and side rolls.

Love Of Vintage Fashions

A lover of vintage fashions, it's ironic that Dita and Marilyn Manson (Brian Warner of Canton, Ohio) met at a vintage fashion shop although their real connection happened after one of Marilyn's concerts over a bottle of absinthe.

Why did they really break up?  Probably Evan Rachel Wood, which the media has indicated was much more of the cause of the sudden break-up than Lindsay Lohen, which Dita brushed off as media sensationalism.

How did Dita cope with the divorce?  She threw herself into her work and amped up her entrepreneurial spirit including writing books, promoting beauty products and working for charity.  I find it interesting that one of her trademarks is red lips, but she told Bazaar she doesn't wear her red lips to yoga class.

Dita's Career Shines Brighter Than Ever Before

She also has moved completely on with her life and her career is shining more brightly than ever.  Dita continues to make headlines in the media.  In fact, she recently showed Nobu West Hollywood some love at the restaurant's second anniversary celebration on Wednesday, March 24th.   The 37-year-old burlesque beauty signed autographs for fans on her way out of the party.

(Image of Dita Von Teese - - All Rights Reserved)

Dita's next stop?  The still raven haired beauty is heading to Las Vegas where she will perform at the MGM Grand’s Crazy Horse Paris from Wednesday, March 31 to Wednesday, April 7!  You know it'll be a fabulous performance.

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