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Skin Care For Men

With women working so hard to look good, men don't want to be left behind. More and more skin care companies are rolling out products that cater to men's grooming needs.

From skincare and hair care to fragrances and cosmetic treatments, the battle for the bathroom sink counter space between men and women has begun. Fathers, husbands and boyfriends are filling up their shelves with cleansers, moisturizers and face scrubs for their daily skin care regimen.

For men who want something more than just the basics, there's Sothys, legendary French skin care company, best known for their luxurious spa treatments and result-producing home care lines.

(Image of French Rugby player, Vincent Clerc -  the new face for Sothys Homme. Vincent - All Rights Reserved)

The Sothys Homme System is specifically designed with the needs of male skin in mind. Based on the fact that men's hormones and routine care like shaving can wreck havoc on a man's face, Sothys Homme is meant to be a dedicated system to help men avoid becoming dependant on products made for women.

Almost every Sothys Homme product contains phytomalt - a hydroglycolic complex selected from the distillation of malt from Scottish Whiskey. Phytomalt is rich in amino acids, proteins, sugars, vitamin B and minerals, and is known for its soothing, calming effects.

New! Exfoliating Scrub for Men

Stress, tobacco, and pollution are so many hurdles that prevent skin from being pure and radiant. This creamy gel acts as a double scrub with polyethylene exfoliating grains for physical exfoliation and papaya and lemon, which have the same cosmetic properties as AHA, to help eliminate dead skin cells and encrusted pores. The skin is left clean, brightened, and prepared for an easier shave. Price: $28

Detoxifying Active Cleanser

A foam-based facial cleanser that gently yet effectively rinses away impurities while preparing skin for shaving. Also ideal for use in place of shaving cream, this soft, pH-balanced cleanser effectively fights against the skin-harming effects of hard water. It contains sepitonic, which maintains the skin and regulates sebum secretions. Price: $26

Hydrating Active Care

A hydrating and protective gel-fluid that works to restore skin's hydrolipidic layer and fight against damaging consequences of daily shaving. Hydrating Active Care is intensely fresh in texture and non-sticky, this concentrated product leaves skin silky soft and shine-free. Price: $46

Age Defying Active Care

An anti-aging gel-cream that acts on several layers of the skin to help visibly reduce existing wrinkles, slow the formation of new lines and restore skin after shaving. It contains cylaspheres of retionol, which help smooth the surface of the skin to restore elasticity, tone the skin, and delay the appearance of wrinkles. Price: $46

Soothing After Shave Balm

A soothing balm with phytomalt - a hydroglycolic complex selected from the distillation of malt from Scottish Whiskey, birch and polyphenols of mint leaves that repairs and calms razor burns caused by shaving. It leaves the skin feeling soothed, fresh, and less irritated. Price: $32

Mattifying T-Zone Fluid

A rapid penetrating fluid for an "anti-shine" effect, it is perfect for oily areas of the face and contains a sebo-regulating complex that provides an astringent and absorbing effect. It also contains birch sap, which gives the skin nutritional elements to help improve the skins hydration, and reduce uncomfortable sensations from shaving. Price: $32

Revitalizing Hair & Body Care

For the man's man, this two-in-one hair and body product is perfect for guys who are not ready to fill their medicine cabinet with products but still need something that works. Great for guys on the go and for stashing in a gym locker, the Energizing Hair & Body Care Wash contains d-panthenol and silicones to ensure the good health of the hair and to add brilliance and is gentle enough for even the most sensitive of skin types. Price: $27Destressing Eye Contour Care

This refreshing fluid offers immediate de-stressing action and anti-wrinkle, anti-dark circles, anti-puffiness actions. It smoothes the eye contour, gives radiance and fights against deep wrinkles. Price: $32

Deodorant Stick

An alcohol-free roll-on stick that is free of aluminium salts to avoid staining. It is quick-drying and non-sticky, and for all skin types. Sothys Deodorant Stick neutralizes odor without blocking the natural perspiration process, and contains phytomalt for soothing and calming effects. Price: $19

Sothys Homme Detoxifying-Destressing Treatment for Men

Supplementing the Sothys Homme product collection is the Sothys Homme Destressing-Detoxifying Institute Treatment, 50-minutes of pure bliss and relaxation that no man can resist. The treatment utilizes Sothys' trademark, multi-phase Digi-Esthetique method of pressure-point massage on the face, neck, upper back and scalp. A special blend of black pepper and oliban essential oils is incorporated into the pre-relaxation step for a true sensorial experience that leaves the soul relaxed and the skin cleansed, detoxified and soothed. The pre-relaxation massage is followed by a special gommage cleansing with extraction stage, finished off with additional massage complemented by an energizing mask treatment with Vitamin C. Price: $135

About Sothys

In 1946, Sothys was a beauty institute in Paris, where a list of exclusive customers enjoyed fine French products created by Dr. Hotz, a medical biologist. Sothys was acquired by the Mas family in 1966 and chairman Bernard Mas decided to add to the beautiful Sothys range and increase its availability. By 1970 Sothys had entered the United States market under the direction of esthetician Christian Garces. Sothys became an instant hit for estheticians looking for a professional, results- oriented product line. Over two decades later, it continues to be the forerunner in an extremely demanding industry. Much of Sothys' success is due to its focus on education. Not content to simply sell its products, Sothys offers continuous, complementary education to estheticians and therapists who want to learn not just about the products, but about the industry in general. At the Sothys headquarters in Miami, and at regional Sothys offices across the Nation, classes are offered, with topics ranging from hands-on body workshops to cosmetic chemistry. For more information, please visit

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