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Henry Amador Salon Has Become Salon Mantra

Henry Amador Salon Has Become Salon Mantra

Henry has joined forces with Joel Batten and Sofia Navarro in a new hair project called Mantra.

Mantra, who's literal definition is "a sound, syllable, word or group of words that are considered capable of creating transformation" is a perfect space for Henry, his partners and team to continue to inspire, create and transform the shape of the hair industry.

(Image of Henry Amador - Courtesy of Henry Amador - All Rights Reserved)

"Removing my name from the top of the masthead was the logical and natural next step in the evolution of my life" say's Henry. "The only way to free myself up somewhat to pursue other projects was to balance the salon differently."

About The Partners

Joel Batten is a seasoned editorial stylist in his own right. Joel brings to the salon an amazing eye for trend and style.  His work has graced many fashion pages as well as a series of covers for "Simply The Best" magazine. Joel is an educator for Unite Products.

Sofia Navarro is a Bumble and Bumble trained educator and has spent countless hours working with the up and comers in the salon industry, sharing her knowledge not only in hair, but through her strong and relevant place in the fashion industry.

Industry Coaching

With the salon work load shifted, Henry has been able to shift some of his attention towards his two other loves. Industry Coaching and his newest company CRISP.

The coaching developed easily.  Henry explained "I spent my entire career training and teaching people.  One day that turned from young stylist trying to find their way to older stylist trying to re-capture theirs.  Soon I was working with salon owners helping them grow their business, keeping staff motivated and increasing bottom lines.  In the process I had become a Life Coach!"


"The birth of CRISP is what I'm really turned on by right now!" say's Henry.  CRISP stands for Creative Independent Salon Photo Sessions.

The company's mission is to give all independent salons or stylists, with the desire, the opportunity to actually "step on set".   Henry personally works with the clients on every aspect of putting together an amazing session. "We cover everything, from creating your shoot's look to model selection. I put the client together with a network of pro's, the industries best photographers, stylists and make-up artists.

I also teach the client how to prepare press releases, how to maximize the shoot to increase their salon's profits and even how to obtain and maintain strong relationships with the top editors in the nation."

At CRISP the Independent aspect is very important. "We endorse no product or color company.  I actually have a rule on set that all bottles must be taped over so as not to see the labels.  I have always believed the power of what we do is who we are, it lies in our hands and minds not in a bottle or a tube!"

The CRISP website, is currently being re-vamped.  For info on CRISP or Henry Amador you can reach him at [email protected] or you can contact Mantra at 1-954-396-4247

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