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Hot Roller Hair Secrets

Right Sized Hair Curls

Whether you call them hot rollers, electric rollers or even steam rollers, there are secrets to rolling the curlers for best curl results.  The good news?

Hot hair rollers are still as popular as ever and are ideal for certain types, textures, lengths and condition of hair which may not be as appropriate for curling irons.

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Another advantage tohot rollers is that once you've positioned them and allowed them to cool, they will more often than not provide a longer lasting curl.  Of course the key is to position them uniformly and make sure they are allowed to remain in the hair as long as possible.

Danger Of Rolling Hair With Hot Rollers

While using hot rollers can create loose and bouncy curls and ringlets, if you don't know how to roll and position them into your hair you may be at risk of winding up with flat roots and overly rolled ends.  Even worse the overall look can be tangled and a mess of triangulated hair.  Definitely not great.

Secrets Of Rolling Hair In Hot Rollers

The key to success with hot rollers including the following steps:

1.  Select the right sized and type of roller for your hair type and texture.  The larger the roller, the looser the curls.  The smaller the roller, the tighter the curls.  Ditto with the size of the hair section rolled into the curlers.

2.  Section your hair appropriately.  If you try to roll too much hair into one roller you risk the hair becoming tangled into the roller and the section not setting properly.  If there's too much hair wrapped around one roller the heat will not distribute properly or evenly. 

3.  For balanced curls start rolling the hair in the middle of the strand and not from the tip of the ends.  By rolling from the middle you don't pull all the curl down towards the ends but have a more balance look.

4.  Pay attention to the way you roll your hair.  If you are going for ringlets you will need to position the strand on the hot roller to get the best profile of the finished curl.

5.  If your ends are damaged consider using end papers to keep the ends smooth in the finished curl.

6.  Prep your hair properly with either hairspray, setting spray or mousse.  The right setting products make all the difference.

7.  Allow your hair as much time as possible to "set".  Leave the curlers in as long as possible.

8.  Never roll wet or damp hair with hot rollers or there may be damage.

9.  If you have long hair start rolling the hot rolls at the roots, not the ends.  Or roll from the middle.

10.  Avoid using a brush or comb on your finished set unless you specifically want to break the curls up.  Bend over at the waist and loosely shake curls.  Use hands and fingers to finger pick and arrange so you have a finished style without loosing all those gorgeous curls.

11.  If you decide to use a shine serum, remember less is more and avoid overloading the hair with serums which can weigh down newly formed curls.

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The key with hot rollers is to experiment positioning them in your hair to create different curl profiles.  While some experts will tell you to always roll from the ends of the strands, this is not necessary the best advice.  For a balanced curl, roll from the middle.

For a fuller root, roll from the roots.  If your hair is layered, use large rollers at the roots and smaller along the strands.

Remember, by placing hot rollers halfway down the sections of the hair, you will create more of a balanced volumized look that will be more evenly distributed.

Curl from the middle of the strands to the ends.  Then finish off the strand by rolling the rest of the way up to the roots.  Secure the curl and let it cool.

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Viola!  Lots of lush volume without bottom heavy or top heavy curls.

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