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Shear Genius 3 Why Brian Buterbaugh Shouldn't Have Been Given The Final Cut

I've already written a blog about the sequence of events which lead to Brian Buterbaugh being cut from Shear Genius 3 (SG3) Episode 7.

To be honest, I was shocked when Brian was cut and Brig was kept.  The only reason I could see was because Brig is a drama queen, troublemaker and all around pain in the butt.  Of course that makes for great TV and afterall, Bravo/TV is in the reality TV business.

Thinking back to all of Brian's competitions, he did some amazing work.  I was first blown away by his chocolate mousse creation in Episode 2 of The Elimination Challenge.

His creation truly looked like you could swipe a finger into the design and get a lick of chocolate.

Camilla Alves commented on how much Brian's work looked truly edible and delicious.  I was actually surprised Brian didn't win the Elimination Challenge, but Jon beat him with his sea scallops design.

Of the two hairstyles, I thought Brian had the edge but that's the way the cookies crumbles.

Although Brian and Amy seemed like a great team in the Elimination Challenge for Episode 3 for the Romance Novel Cover, they lost to Matthew and Janine.  I think Brian was definitely a much stronger and creative hairdresser than Amy but I was impressed with how well the two pulled together and created beautiful styles.

Brian again rose to the occasion in Episode 4 when Brian had a Grand Slam.  He won both the Shortcut Challenge with an eye popping, mouth dropping, gorgeous flower design utilizing a red clay.  The design was so stunning he used only one flower and this amazing leaf.  I would love to have my hair done like that.  It looked gorgeous, but real.

Then Brian graciously helped his friend Adee, who was struggling, by trying to get him a great model for the Elimination round.  The challenge involved creating hairstyles for bridesmaids at a traditional Indian wedding.  Again Brian knocked the socks off the judges.  He had a totally wowie kozie design.

After Episode 4 Brian seemed like he might be a great competitor to beat.  In fact, I was hoping to see a Janine, Matthew, Jon and Brian final four.  I think in the right challenge Brian could blow away all of the competitors.

Besides his obvious talent Brian had a great sense of humor and appeared to remain calm during all kinds of chaotic happenings.  He also was kind to Adee, Brig and probably everyone else behind the scenes.  When I was in cosmo school I would have loved to have had a team member like Brian.

In Episode Five he rallied with a winning 40s look for the Army Wives and he managed to stay off the bottom list for the Short Cut Challenge.

I kept expecting him to push forward in Episode Six, but he actually stumbled finishing in the bottom two on both of the challenges.  The Shortcuts Challenge required cutting a geometric shape into the hair of an Asian model.  Brian's shape was an octogon?  Is that right.  I can't even imagine how he could have done that shape on hair.   Just the thought made me break out in hives.

The Elimination Challenge annoyed me.  I actually thought Janine did better than Matthew who won,  I also thought Brian did well enough to come in behind Janine.  It was not to be and he was in the bottom two.  Luckily it was April who went home and not Brian.

This week's challenge definitely was a surprise.  I really thought Brian did much better than Brig in the Elimination Challenge and Kimberly Kimble seemed to like his African American hairstyle.  It was actually fun and flirty, but perfect for a Prom or similar formal event.

Not only was Brian talented, he was funny.  I enjoyed some of his ongoing comments.  While I could see part of the reason why the judges didn't like his interpretation of Edie Sedgewick, I think they were excessively hard on him.  He should have lived to see another competition.

Even if Janine Jarman was not a close acquaintance of mine, I would still be pulling for her to win, but I would put Brian tied with Matthew and Jon.  I was very sorry to see him go but he took it with class and elegance.

Good luck to you Brian wherever you are.

PS.  I Googled Edie Sedgewick and I see where you were coming from.

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