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Eric McCormack Goes From Ad Executive On TNT To Con Man On Lifetime

If you loved the TV hit show "Will And Grace" you already know who Eric McCormack is.  He play Will to Debra Messing's Grace.

After "Will And Grace" ended, Eric moved on and popped up in 2009's "Trust Me" on TNT.  Sadly the dramedy didn't last very long and both Eric and his co-star Tom Cavanagh were off to other adventures.

(Image of (L) Clark Rockefeller and (R) Eric McCormack - Lifetime/TV - All Rights Reserved)

This past weekend Eric was scheduled to appear as the star of Lifetime's Made-For-TV Movie "Who Is Clark Rockefeller" which is based upon the true life of a famous con man.  Due to bad weather the movie was postponed until tonight (Monday, March 15, 2010, at 9:00 pm EST).

Emmy-winner Eric plays Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter, who conducted what Lifetime describes as "the longest-running con in FBI history."  Sherry Stringfield of "ER" plays the man's wife, and Regina Taylor of "The Unit" portrays an FBI agent.

After studying the con man and acting in the role based on prior interviews, what did Eric have to say about Clark Rockefeller?  He told People "Rockefeller is "a sociopath, for sure, and twisted." 

To capture the cadence of Rockefeller's speech, McCormack, who has never met Rockefeller, absorbed NBC's Natalie Morales's jailhouse interview. He also pored over a Vanity Fair profile, "The Man in the Rockefeller Suit."

In real life Eric, 46, is happily married to Janet Holden, an assistant movie director.  His life with Janet doesn't come even close to imitating the life of Rockefeller, except maybe for the fact that both men love their children.

Eric and Janet have been married for 12 years. In fact, many consider Eric and Janet to be one of the strongest duos in Hollywood.

When doing press for "Just Trust Me" last winter he was asked how he manages to always stay so svelte and thin.  He joked "stay in your trailer and don't go to the craft service table."  Truly wise advice as one person who has had to avert my eyes when I've been on shoots.  Those craft service tables can sometimes have enough yummy foods to add 10 pounds in short order.

Eric was also asked if he stayed in touch with the cast from "Will And Grace" and he said "we haven't had a chance" to stay connected but he mentioned how excited he was to see Debra Messing at a past People's Choice Awards.

In discussing his own success in having a happy marriage as well as a 7 year old son (Finnegan) Eric said the secret is "honesty and date nights".  He noted "you just can't become a married couple,"  He also said on the same topic "occasionally treat each other like you're dating."

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