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Carson Kressley's Top Five Academy Award Fashions

Anna Kendrick With Updo

Carson Kressley's Top Five Academy Award Fashions

Queer Guy fashion and beauty commentator Carson Kressley was a very special guest on the Oprah "After The Oscars" show to talk about his top five fashion icons.

Oprah asked Carson his opinion of the fashions in general at the 2010 Oscars.  He said "you know for the last couple of years it's been toned down on the Red Carpet and last night was a great kinda 'WOW, vigorous' you're always looking for those couple of WOW dresses.  And they were there."

Carson's top five included some controversial picks which some fashion police gurus would disagree with.

Listed below are Carson's top five 2010 Oscar fashionistas in reverse countdown order from 5 to 1:

#5.   Anna Kendrick - Carson said "kinda surprising, but just soft and pretty was Anna Kendrick from "Up In The Air."  He continued, "we didn't see a lot of this floaty kind of gauzy kinda of Godess-y look, but it was so pretty.

Queen Latifah Updo Hairstyle

So beautiful, it was Elie Saab Couture, it was just shown on the runway this January.  And what's nice about it, it was just very very pretty.  Her character in that movie was like so harsh and like by the book in her little business suit.  So it was nice change of pace for her."  Oprah agreed with the character wearing the "yes, yes, yes wearing the little business suits."

#4.   Queen Latifah - "Didn't she look amazing?  I thought she's never looked better.  She was wearing this mermaid shaped dress in this beautiful kinda blush, pinky, orchid color.  A one shoulder which is a good trend for the night.  Very flattering for her shape.  And just the perfect hair and the perfect jewelry.  It just really worked.  It was Badgley and Mischka."

Oprah "I would agree with you.  Beautiful"

#3. Vera Farmiga - She was in Marchesa.  He said "this was a little bit of a controversial dress because it was so over the top.  And it was either you loved it or you hated it.  And I loved it just because it was the Oscars and you want drama.  You want a powerful dramatic look.  And it really stood out.  She's not been a standout on the red carpets in the other award shows.  So I think it was kinda a leap of faith."

Vera Farmiga Updo Hairstyle

Oprah said "it's kind of interesting.  Somebody told me they saw her on  the Red Carpet and she said she loved the dress and didn't care what anybody else said. And I thought 'that's what you got to do' especially in this world.  Wear it, own it."

Carson "That's exactly right.  That's what you've got to do. Oscar night, you know, it's a once in a lifetime moment.  It's like your wedding day or something that's probably never going to happen again.  Wear what you love.  And that's my advice to people on the street too.  Wear what you love."

#2. Jennifer Lopez - "This was my 'WOW' dress. It was unbelievable.  I mean, you don't want to be safe at the Oscars.  Not like you're going to Ralph's (a California grocery chain) to pick up some oranges.  You want to look amazing and this was that 'oh my gosh stunner.'  And this was a real trend on the carpets, to see these really kinda architectural shapes."

He continued "Not so Grecian, not so pleated but really kind of architectural geometric shapes and it was pale pale pink.  It's Armani Prive.  She knows how to rock it.  Jenny from The Block."

Oprah agreed "Jenny From The Block."

Jennifer Lopez Updo Hairstyle

#1.  Sandra Bullock - "And my number one, and I was just so excited for her, was Sandra Bullock.  And it's not just because she was here.

Because you know, last night (at the Oscars) when I saw her, it's a fitted Marchesa, with antique beading and antique embroidery."

He continued "it was like a liquid champagne kind of metallic.  Like another big trend with metallics.  I just thought she looked like she came to get her Oscar."

Oprah "she said that antique beading was so heavy in the dress and as the night wore on it got heavier and heavier."

Sandra Bullock Long Brunette Strands

Carson continued "and she (Sandra) was so modest when she arrived she said 'oh, I don't know if I'm going to win.'

Her stylist knew she was going to win and said 'wear this, it'll match the Oscar."

The crowd went crazy with applause and Oprah said "wow" and Oprah pointed to the side of the stage.  "There she is over there."

At that point Sandra who had been on the program earlier stuck her head out and made a "call me" sign to Carson.

No wonder Sandra is so beloved by her fans and the media.  She is not only gorgeous, but she's a sweetheart.

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