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Alicia Silverstone Talks About Kind Eating And Great Bowel Movements

Alicia Silverstone was recently on Oprah to talk about food.  Oprah's entire show was about the foods we eat.  A timely topic for me and what I've been doing for the past two years.

Oprah introduced her as "Alicia Silverstone is best known as the star of the comedy classic 'Clueless'  but what you may not know is that she had severe asthma, insomnia, full blown acne and was constantly constipated."

(Image of Alicia Silverstone - - All Rights Reserved).

Alica continued "about 12 years ago she completely revamped her diet and at 33 she says she sleeps like a baby, doesn't worry about her weight and has tons of energy.  She joins me by satellite from New York City where she's starring on Broadway."

Oprah "hi Alicia"  Alicia "hiiii, so nice to see you."

Oprah "I love your book, "The Kind Diet" I've been reading it and taking great recipes from it.  So thank you very much.  What did you do to start feeling so good?"

[amazon-product text="The Kind Diet: A Simple Guide to Feeling Great, Losing Weight, and Saving the Planet (Hardcover)" type="text"]1605296449 [/amazon-product]

Alicia "I stopped eating meat and diary and processed foods. And then you may think, well what do you eat?  I actually started to eat really incredible delicious food that's easy to make and makes me feel amazing."

She said "my skin changed drastically, my body changed, my energy level.  I used to have all those white marks on my nails.  And there were very brittle and now they're so strong I can't bend them.  And my eyes got really white (clear) and I feel like I look less puffy and it feels amazing."

Oprah "you just went from eating everything, including processed foods and eating meats and eating chicken to eating...."

(Image of Alicia Silverstone - The Kind Diet - All Rights Reserved)

The Steak And Donut Diet

Alicia "I was on a steak and donut diet."  Oprah "steak and donut diet.  So you went from that to say 'I'm just gonna drop all of that?  You went cold turkey?  Or did you do what my friend Kathy Preston says 'you lean in' you didn't lean into it?"

Alicia "well I leaned into it from about age eight to about age 21.  So when I was eight years old my brother was making the noises of the animals I was eating.  And I decided to go vegetarian.  Cause I loved animals.  And then I would give up because I was eight.  You forget.  And then I would."

Oprah "because fried chicken tastes so good."

Alicia "Exactly.  And so I would flirt with these ideas for a very long time.  But when I was 21 I saw documentaries similar to Food, Inc., of how the animals were raised.  And I just took a look at my dog and said 'if I'm not willing to eat you how can I continue to eat these other creatures that have the same desire to live, are just as funny, just as cute as my dog."

Oprah "and that's why you call your plan 'The Kind Diet'.

Alicia "the kindness is about being truly kind to yourself first.  And letting yourself have best health and look your best and feel your most vital then you've ever felt.  At least that was my experience."

Oprah "OK.  Being vegan, we talked about choices today, so being vegan is your choice."

Alicia "yes"

Oprah "you know I tried it for 21 days last year on a cleanse I did with Kathy Preston and I missed cheese so badly.  All I thought about was the cheese I could've had on an omelet.  You know, and then I asked Kathy Preston at one point, if the chickens are treated very well.  Because I know some chickens that are treated really well.  Honestly, the chickens are treated really well.  They have...the music is playing and they're laying their eggs.  And if the cows are with their other friends and they're just making lovely milk. Is that OK with you?"

(Image of Alicia Silverstone - - All Rights Reserved)

Alicia "well you would have to show me those chickens and those happy cows first.  I'd have to see them."

Oprah "these chickens live over the fence from me in Monticito.  These are some really high stepping chickens.  Doing okay."

Alicia "But really my book....  The reason I wrote this book was because I want people to start flirting with these ideas.  So I have this whole thing about wherever you're at.  This book is not for someone who wants to be vegetarian."

Understanding The Love Of Cheese

Alicia continued "This book is for someone who wants to feel their healthiest and look their best.  And then take baby steps.  So in the book we have this whole thing on how to flirt.  Because, right, I totally understanding wanting and loving cheese.  Sometimes I slip up on cheese."

Oprah "you do???"

Alicia "sometimes, but very very rarely.  Sometimes it gets in your life.  Right?  And usually it's after a glass of wine.  And what happens is   I start to get gassy, my skin starts to break out. So, the cost benefit thing  It's like slowly after time you begin to realize.  And actually, the biggest thing is....yes, cheese is delicious but so are all the recipes from my book."

Oprah "Yeah, I would have to say, I just had something from the book.  With the lunch and I had it last night too.  So, but I'm just trying to be practical here for all the people in America.  We're just trying to make people think more about where their food comes from to make more conscious choices for themselves.  So I don't want to frighten people.  I think it's a lot to give up everything at one time that you've been so accustomed to your entire life"

Alicia "of course.  You don't even have to give anything up.  Just add good things in.  Adding in whole grains.  Adding in greens.  I mean, kale and collard greens and bockchoy.  These things that probably sound like aliens to some people but they're really, really good for you."

Oprah said "so Alicia let us follow her around the grocery store to see what she puts in her shopping cart."

Alicia was shown shopping at a Whole Foods.  Alicia looked at the camera and said "this is my most favorite thing to do in the whole world.  Go grocery shopping.  Ohhhh, I'm going to show you all of the things I love.  And basically just show you that you can flirt with a healthy lifestyle.  It doesn't have to be scary.  It's super super fun."

She held up Annie's Naturals salad dressing, fresh bokchoy, Brown rice penne pasta,

Alicia "oh here's what I wanted to show you.  Yummmy.  They're like chicken breasts (Gardein Chicken Scallipini) but they're not chicken breasts and they taste delicious.  That's what I want you to understand.  You don't have to sacrifice taste one bit.  When I went vegan I really did think that I was never going to have good food again.

Went I went Vegan I went like this (she made a cross on her body) and I'm Jewish by the way.  And I said 'I'm never going to eat a good meal again.' But I ended up realizing I'm eating even better food than I was every eating before.  If you add whole grain rice to your life it will change you.  You'll notice a huge difference.  You'll just feel great and you don't even have to think about giving anything up."

She help up Eden Blend organic rice milk.  She said "you know rice milk is really great.  Hemp milk is really great.  You take little baby steps in the positive direction.  It's so important that you have greens.  I try and have them two times a day.  It's loaded with calcium.  It makes your skin glow and it makes everything work better.

Another one of my favorite things is this mable sugar.  It's such a great sugar alternative.  Lets talk about ice cream for goodness sakes.  There are so many alternative (she showed organic Whole Treat ice cream bars).  There are so many great alternatives to ice cream.  You can have that naughty feel.  These mud pies (Rice Dream Mud Pies) will change your life. They're soooo good.  We might have to open one right now."

Oprah noted that "Alicia picked up some ingredients and headed over to her Broadway co-star's  Laura Linney's apartment to cook a few of her favorites."

Laura Linney "Alicia's been shopping.  And we're ready to go.  So I'm excited to learn about these recipes here today because I tasted a lot of Alicia's stuff which I love.  But some of these things I haven't had yet."

Alicia said "here are are and we're going to make some food."  She said "we made Easy Cheesy Guacamole Dip as well as the Leek And Mushroom And Pesto Crustinis."  Alicia said "so let's do a taste test."

Laura said "oh my god."  Alica "you like that?  Yummm."

Oprah "I've had a few too many of those crustinis."  Oprah summed up Alicia's book and food plan as saying the whole idea is "to start treating yourself more kindly by thinking about the kind of food that is going into your body"

Alicia "yes, because you deserve to feel...I believe we are put here to feel our best."

Oprah "I will say this about the vegan plan.  Your poop is fabulous when you do this."  Alicia agreed "fantastic...right?" Oprah "Dr. Oz has this whole thing about the S shape."

Alicia "don't you want to bring your friend in to see (your poop) and said 'look at this beautiful thing.'

Oprah "I don't know if it's something to see but it's something to talk about and tell somebody."

Alicia "I don't actually want them to see it but..."  Oprah I just want to say "that was the most amazing poop, ever."

Alicia "I know.  It's so effortless.  But one of the things is you have all this time in the bathroom with reading materials and conversations...all that goes out the window.  Done.  I don't have any reading materials.  I'm in the bathroom for maybe a minute.  And it happens like two times a day.  And bonus round.  Maybe three times.  It's very exciting."

Oprah "Bonus Plan!!!"

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