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Hair Secrets You May Not Know About You!

It's really true that people do base their opinions on you because of your hair length, style and color.  Don't believe me?  Read on.

Secrets About Hair Lengths

According to Women's World Magazine and a recent Yale University Study, if you wear your hair long and lush, you're viewed by people who meet you as feminine, cultured and even a little bit mysterious.

The Yale Study found that women with long hair are considered to be more wealthy than those with other hair lengths.

(Image of Angelina Jolie - - All Rights Reserved)

On the flip side, women with short hair, according to the same Yale Study, are considered the go-to gals.  Women with short hair are perceived as outgoing, optimistic and successful.   In a survey of employers, women with short hair were thought to be smart, resourceful people who always deliver.

If you believe the perception of you is incorrect based on your hair type, simply alter your hairstyle for the event you are attending.  If you want to be perceived by an employer as successful, wear your long hair pinned up in a professional looking twist, chignon or similar.

(Image of Blonde Model From Bravo/TV's Shear Genius 3 - Blonde Anorexia Short Cuts Challenge - All Rights Reserved)

If you want to meet prospective love interests, pop-on a clip-in hair extension to give your shorter hair more length and flow.  Or have semi-perm extensions added while you are actively seeking a new mate.

Secrets About Hair Color

Academy Award nominated Actress Carey Mulligan recently went very blonde.  No surprise there.  Many actresses know that blondes often get more parts and have more success than any other hair colored performers.

Golden tresses really are interesting and do catch the eyes of others. According to studies, they are considered unique.  Why?  Blonde hair is a recessive gene which did not show up until 11,000 years ago.

Currently one out of every three American women dye their hair blonde.  Many women may go blonde temporarily at some point in their lives to experience the impact of having lighter tresses.

(Image of Blonde Model From Bravo/TV's Shear Genius 3 - Blonde Anorexia Short Cuts Challenge - All Rights Reserved)

However, studies have shown that over over 50% of men polled said they found brunettes to be the most attractive of any hair color and the ones they'd be most likely to marry.  In another survey 81% of the people polled said they found brunettes to be intelligent while 69% said they were stable and dependable.

Angelina Jolie is a famous brunette who is considered intelligent and as the mother of six children, definitely considered dependable.  Of course it's never easy to determine if perceptions are always true, but that's what the studies have shown.

Redheads are perceived as sensitive with good reason.  The same gene which causes the occurrence of red hair is the one that is responsible for the way the human body feels pain.

Studies have shown that redheads often need up to 20% more anesthesia to feel the same effects as those with other hair colors.

(Image of Redhead Model from Bravo/TV - Shear Genius 3 - All Rights Reserved)

Redheads are also generally considered to be hotheads, daredevils and to have screwball humor.  Just think of Lucille Ball who dyed her hair red to help her comedy label and Debra Messing from TV's "Will And Grace".

Of course blondes have gotten a rap as being air headed due to the popularity of blonde jokes in the past.

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