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Sandra Bullock's Oscar Winning Shiny Hairstyle

Sandra Bullock not only took home the 2010 Best Actress Oscar, but her tresses were also golden.

Sandra Bullock's hairstylist is the famous Frederic Fekkai pro Adir Abergel.  Adir personally created Sandra's jaw-dropping, eye-popping sleek shiny hair.

(Image of Sandra Bullock - & - All Rights Reserved)

The celebrity hairdresser told the media about his inspiration for designing her Oscar hairstyle.  He said "Sandra's Marchesa dress had such beautiful sparkle and reflection, I wanted to bring that mirror-finish to her hair."

Adergel also said. "This look is a modern, straighter version of an Old Hollywood, Veronica Lake look with really great movement on the bottom."

To create Sandra's look, Adergel started with wet hair and made a non-traditional side part that starts at the arch of Sandra's brow.  Starting at the arch of Sandra's brow is actually the secret to finding your perfect side part.  

Abergel took Sandra's part very deep to the crown in a slight, curved angle, which gives the illusion of longer hair.

He then applied Frederic Fekkai Coiff Extra Control Styling Gel, over the entire length of her hair. After blow-drying her hair with a round brush, he then used a flat-iron, moving it in a single stroke to close the hair cuticle. That's what creates those sleek and highly reflective strands.

(Image of Sandra Bullock - & - All Rights Reserved)

He explained "Finally, I used a 1-inch curling iron to make a bunch of small pin-curls at the bottom of her hair, putting the ends in the iron and twisting them up a few inches, then pinning up the curl to cool. I then brushed all the little curls into one big gorgeous 1920's wave!"

Abergel, then headed out to help a few other big names (Marisa Tomei and Kate Beckinsale) get ready for Oscar after-parties!

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(Image of Sandra Bullock - & - All Rights Reserved)

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