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James Cameron Says He And Kathryn Bigelow Are Supportive, Not Competitive

James Cameron and his wife made the Red Carpet scene yesterday at the 2010 Academy Awards.  Ryan Seacrest interviewed James, who he and many called Jim.

Ryan "James Cameron, nice to see you."  James "How are you doing?"  Ryan greeted James Cameron's wife and said "hello darling, nice to see you."

(Image of Suzy Amis and James Cameron - - - All Rights Reserved)

Ryan said "we picked up on your matching pocket square (with your wife's dress."  James said "a little Navi blue."

Ryan "just to give us some history, I know this project "Avatar" is unbelievable and transcends.  It's something you've been working on for a long time.  We've talked about it before.  How did you keep it a secret?  I know it had to be kinda covered up.  Didn't it?"

James "well we had a cover title for the project called Eight Eighty.  And it didn't occur to us at the time that the movie would play from 8 to 80.  But it seems like a pretty good cover title."

Ryan "were you surprised by the global success of this world that you created with 'Avatar?' "

James "Yes, we thought we were going to make some money, but not nearly as much as we did.  And I'd say we went three times what we thought the movie could make.  And it's interesting, three seems to be the number because everybody keeps coming up to me and saying 'I saw the movie three times.'  I don't know why it's not two or four.  But that's the magic number."

(Image of Suzy Amis and James Cameron - - - All Rights Reserved)

Ryan "It's true.  And what do you make about the press building up the buzz between you and Kathryn (Bigelow) in this category?"

James "Well it's interesting."  Ryan looked at James' wife and said "am I OK to ask?"  She nodded yes. "absolutely."

James said "we both couldn't be more proud of what Kathryn accomplished.  And you know it;s really the media trying to apply a narrative from the outside.  Because we don't feel any sense of competition between ourselves.  We're very supportive.  She sees my films when I'm writing them and cutting them and vice versa.  And she saw "Avatar" five times at different stages and gave notes and so we're actually helping each other.

What did you first say when you read "The Hurt Locker"

James "Oh I said, you've got to make this movie now."  Ryan "was there an industry word you used?"  James "I might've said 'it's a no brainer.'

Ryan "I like that.  Something inside.  Congratulations man.  You've got people thinking differently."

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