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Zac Efron Raved About "Avatar" And Said He's Taking His Time To Select His Next Acting Projects

Ryan Seacrest greeted Zac Efron who was right behind Sam Worthington on the 2010 Academy Awards Red Carpet.  Ryan introduced Sam and Zac and after Zac gave Sam compliments about his work in "Avatar" Ryan asked Zac about his big deal with Warner Brothers.

Zac said "It's great man.  Being here tonight and seeing these people and shaking a few hands and seeing Sam.  Being with Warner Brothers is inspiring.  Maybe I can get with these guys."

Ryan "have you laid out a plan.  Do you know what the next series of movies are going to be?"  Zac "there's no real game plan.  It's hard to set anything in stone.  Because so many things change.  I don't know what's going to happen in the future.  But we got sort of a strategy and I'm just trying to pick the best projects.  And work with the best people."

Ryan "you find yourself in a great position because you've clearly been successful at a young age and now you really have an opportunity I think to excel and to grab onto a moment.  Don't you think?"  Zac "yeah, absolutely.  Thanks, man.  And I'm taking my time.  You know?  This is the most interesting time I've had in my career so far.  I feel really lucky to be able to take a moment and step back and really pick and choose what I do next."

Ryan "you're really fortunate, for those watching from the US and around the world, for a young guy to be here and with these stars on Oscar night.  What is it really like for you to be a part of this Prom?"

Zac "It's completely inspiring.  To be with some of the most creative people in the industry.  This year was an amazing year for film.  We've had so many great movies.  "Avatar" was such a great film.  "The Hurt Locker" what an incredible, suspenseful film."

Ryan "what do you think will win Best Picture?  Is it "Avatar" or is it "Hurt Locker?"

Zac "I don't know. I've got friends that worked on "The Hurt Locker"  I think that was a great film this year."

Ryan "Do you know Jeremy?"  Zac "yeah, I do know Jeremy.  But then again "Avatar" was just such a masterpiece.  It's really touch to choose.

Ryan "It's coming down to the wire so you'll find out."  Zac "yeah, absolutely."

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