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Sam Worthington Of Avatar Just Wants Another Acting Job

Ryan Seacrest said "joining me now from one of the biggest money making movies of all time is Mr. Sam Worthington from "Avatar" and his lovely girlfriend Natalie (Mark)."  Sam, who was wearing his hair very short is presenting tonight at the Oscars and he was the first to be interviewed on the Red Carpet by Ryan Seacrest.

Ryan "first off, congratulations on an incredible success.  After you saw the movie for the first time, the full effect, what were you left with in your head?"

Sam said in a thick Aussie accent "I'm glad that we finished it.  It took Jim 4 1/2 years.  It took us 15 months to film.  So I'm glad we got it out there."

Ryan "And is this true?  This is a wonderful Hollywood story, you were really suffering financially and were living in your car at one point and now to be here on The Red Carpet at the Oscars, amazingly."

Sam "well the thing is that at one point the car got clamped, it got taken away, off the clamp, or the boot as you call it, and so."

Ryan to Natalie "were you dating him then?"  Natalie "no, I wasn't dating him then."  Sam "I was living in a car.  I was the guy living in a car."  Ryan "the new Sam."

Ryan "so after all the success of Avatar you're looking to be sorta of the new action hero guy. What's next for you?"

Sam "In Hollywood.  Uh, mate,  I just need a another job.  That's how it works."

Ryan "you don't have another gig booked?"

Sam "No, mate, you just take it as a rolls.  That's the thing.  That's why I'm here.   You put your monkey suit on and come and do what need to be and try to get another gig."

Ryan "very impressed.  I went to bed after seeing and closed my eyes and I was literally in the hammock with the wonderful, beautiful lighting.  Incredible, congratuations.  Have fun, enjoy it."

Ryan Seacrest than said "by the way, the guy standing behind you, Zac (Efron).  Alright, so have you guys met?"

Zac said to Ryan "I'm not going to interrupt this dude."  Ryan to Zac "hey I heard you saw it a couple of times, Avatar"

Zac said to Sam "four times.  I've seen you in 3D, regular, HD.  I've seen you in every D possible man.  Yeah."

Ryan said to Zac "as a movie star, it's good to see something like this that completely changed the game.  What stuck out for you? What was resonating for you after you saw it?"  Zac "I've gotta be honest.  You man (he turned to Sam) this guy right here."  and he touched him on the shoulder.   He said "you are the man, dude."

Sam said "the easiest $100 bucks I've ever paid."

Sam Worthington was obviously very flattered by Zac Efrons's comments.  Now all he needs is another acting gig. Rights?

ntroduced Sam Worthington to Zac Efron.

Zac said to Sam "you are the man."

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