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Anna Kendrick Dumped Original 2010 Oscar Gown At Last Second

Ryan SEacrest continued to snag some great stars on the E! Red Carpet.  He introduced Anna Kendrick who he pointed out was both a "nominee and a presenter" from the movie "Up In The Air".

Ryan said to the gorgeous young star  "Anna has been a little bit nervous about this evening because this is a big evening for you."  Ryan said to Anna "and I even heard you were a little worried about what dress to pick because of all the fittings you had to go through."

Anna said "yeah, I did a lot of fittings and actually this dress (the one she was wearing) was a last minute decision.  I'm so so happy with it.  But there was another dress being made but I'm sure like so many before me, it arrived and it was just incredibly....."

Before she could finish her sentence Ryan said "what did you dump at the last second?" Anna "sorry?" Ryan repeated his questions "what did you dump at the last second?"

Anna said "Oh, the designer will remain nameless. I wouldn't want to hurt anybody's feelings.  It was not for me.  It was blue.  It was like a dark blue and I'm glad I did this.  I never though I would wear pink, but."  Ryan "is that what it is?"

Anna "yeah".  Ryan "it's pink, it's officially pink.  As described by Anna."

Anna "well, you know.  It was just the right dress.  I put it on and I knew, so."

Ryan "many people got to know you through the "Twilight" franchise.  How have your friends on that movie responded and reacted to you being here at The Oscars?"

Anna "I mean everyone's been so supportive and so excited.  You know, I mean I saw Kristen (Stewart) at The Baftas and I saw Taylor Lautner last night.  Everybody's been so sweet and you know.  It's been really fun to be able to see them out."

Ryan "I know a lot of people ask you what it's like to work with George Clooney.  What would he say it's like to work with you Anna?"  Anna "umm, I think he'd say its awesome because he's a really nice guy and he would probably be generous in that way."

Ryan then said to Anna "do you know Mo'nique?"  You guys are in the same category (of nomination).

The two actresses proceeded to hug and kiss and Anna said to Mo'nique "you look amazing"  Mo'nique said "so do you."  Then Mo'nique greeted Ryan.   "Hi Ryan"  then she looked down and said "I'm sorry baby" because she was stepping on Anna's gown.

Mo'nique said to Anna "you know that's going to happen all night long,"  Anna laughed and said "I know."

Ryan asked both of the woman to stand together and he asked them what's it like to be standing together (on the Red Carpet) and being in the same category.

Ryan said "this is a little bit of a competition and it's a celebration."

Mo'nique said "not at all a competition and truly a celebration.  For any of us to be walking on this carpet including you.  We're nothing but kids with grown-up faces.  Enjoy.  It's the time of our life Baby.  That's it."

Anna said goodbye and Ryan seamlessly moved onto Mo'nique who was gorgeous in a lush blue gown.

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