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Why Adee Was Cut From Shear Genius 3

Adee was one of the unique personalities on Shear Genius 3. He became known as a drama queen with a bad temper and attitude.  At times he seemed totally out of his league not knowing how to do some of the most simple hairdressing techniques ranging from warming up virgin hair color to styling hair.

(Image of Adee - Shear Genius 3- Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

Although he made friends with Brian and won sympathy from Janine Jarman and Matthew, he stumbled through all of the competitions.

In the first episode when the various stylists were introduced Adee, who dressed in a range of t-shirts with suspenders and a shaved head said "My name is Adee from London  I gave David Beckham one of his most famous hairstyles and it set me up in my career."

In essence Adee's statement about David Beckham's haircut was the foundation of the troubles he had in the Shear Genius 3 competition.  He also did more than his share of cursing, whining, kicking things and melting down.  While it made for good reality TV, it didn't help him survive past the fourth week.

Adee noted a lot of celebrity hairdressers from London didn't want to try out for this competition because they worried if it didn't turn out well it might reflect on their careers.  He pointed out "for me you've got to gamble.  I'm a gambler."

(Image of Adee - Shear Genius 3- Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

Punk To Polished Short Cut Challenge

Right out out of the gate Adee struggled.  In the very first Short Cut challenge he had a hard time with the Punk To Polished look.  Adee was the second to last stylist to be allowed to pick one of the models which he pointed out to the camera.  When his work was finished it was nothing special.

The first set of clients were billed as "being ready to make a drastic change" in their hairstyles and looking for "a more refined" look.  The goal was to create a more glamorous style.  The stylists were judged on the overall transformation of the clients.

Adee said "I picked box #11 which was" the second from the last model.  He pointed out that one of the remaining models had a mess of dreadlocks which would have been difficult.  Adee said "it was like Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.  I was left with the other girl."

(Image of Adee - Shear Genius 3- Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

When asked by Jonathan what he thought of his work Adee said "honestly, average.  Hair was overprocessed.  I had to cut some hair off because it was f***ed at the edges.  Jonathan told Adee it was just average but he appreciated Adee's "honestly".

First Elimination Competition

The first Elimination Competition found Adee struggling to keep the model's nipples covered.

His first creation included long strands of hair cascading from the nipples creating a half beast/half woman hairy chest look.  As a last minute change he literally folded and draped a ring of weft hair around her neck.  Even with the last minute "veil of hair" as Adee called it, the models nipples were still visible as she walked down the runway.

Judge Camilla Alves was definitely not happy with Adee's nipple slip.  Judge Jonathan Antin said his three year old child could have created the same thing.  Camilla said in addition to the nipple slip his hairstyle was "frizzy and not fashionable."

During the break where the stylists were sent offstage for the judges to deliberate Adee burst through the doors and proceeded to kick a wastebasket and say "wankers."

(Image of Adee - Shear Genius 3- Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

As Amy, Adee and Joey stood on the platform as the bottom three. I was shocked that Adee survived.  Instead, Joey was cut.

Second Short Cut Challenge - Color Challenge

Adee was again in trouble for the second short cut challenge which involved hair color.   He told the camera "for the last seven years I've had a colorist assistant by my side.  Gut reaction is F***!  I thought color, Kim F***.  I'm in deep water."

Adee lucked out when the scissor boxes were drawn for model picking.  He said to Camilla "every dog has their day."  As he looked over the models he said "I want to pick the one I fancy not the one I want to cut their hair."  Janine did not agree with Adee's pick.  She told the camera "Adee picked the exact model I would never have picked in a million years.  She had 900 pounds of hair.  I mean, there's no way."

Adee told his model "really sexy soft."  Then he told the camera "this is all about change.  So I picked the girl I thought would be the most confident in having a change."  He told his model "I'm going to do really soft subtle sexy highlights.  Predominently blonde with a nice slightly darker section through there (in the back)."

Adee said to the camera "it's like booking a hooker and coming back to your room and giving her $1,500 and she goes 'give us a cuddle.'

Amy was bemoaning the un-cooperativeness of her model and Adee said about his model "I just lied to her".  At one point Adee looked at his model who was completely covered with foils and said "Hi baby.  My Christmas Turkey's ready."

(Image of Adee's Blonde Makeover Model After Makeover - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

Adee explained what he did "I lifted up the back panel darkened that a little bit (the underside of the hair)."

Kim Vo said "this was a look that was a little dated for us three years ago.  We wanted to see that London vibe."  Adee said "That's cool cats.  The technique that I did underneath is a bit dated but I felt like saying 'well the Bob's been around for a hundred years and we're still doing it."

Second Elimination Challenge - Food Challenge

Adee explained his dish to the judges.  He said "my dish was a steak tartare.  I'm into it.  It was soft, it was sexy.  It wasn't eh, eh, eh."  He flung his arms up and down to demonstrate his point.

Adee skated by through the elimination competition.  He was neither in the top three or the bottom three.

Third Short Cut Challenge - Men's Hair Extensions

DThe third short cut challenge involved transforming male models.  Adee looked ill and was making funny noises like he was burping.  Camilla asked him "Adee tell me what's wrong." Adee told Camilla "I've got a bit of food poisoning."

Camilla asked "do you think it's going to affect your work today?"   Adee said "I'll be cool" than he said to the camera "at this point I couldn't give a s*** about the challenge.  I'm feeling ill.  It's a bad attitude but I'm feeling terrible."

(Image of Adee's Model For Food Elimination Challenge - Shear Genius 3 - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

As he started to work on his client Adee said "I wasn't going to apply any extensions at all because I think it looks really  terrible on men, personally.  In my opinion."  His model implied Adee didn't have a good attitude by saying "lets not go into it with that attitude.  Let's make it look good."  Adee said "I'm going to do the best I can."  He said to the camera "I'm sick, I'm ill, the last thing I need is someone judging me as well."

Guest judge Ken Paves walked over to the Brit and said "Adee how are you feeling?"  He said "like s****"  Ken laughed and said "that makes it even more of a challenge."  Ken asked Adee "what are you guys doing over here?"  Adee told Ken "So I don't know if you know how I've been getting but I've been going down like a whore at the Vatican.  It ain't been working out for me."  Ken said "right."

Matthew's take on Adee "I think that most men, especially straight guys, are babies.  And Adee, definitely, when something goes wrong that the rest of us can handle, he can make up excuses."  Matthew said about Adee "buck up dude.  Let's go."

(Image of SG hairstylists on location for Romance Novel Cover Shoot - Shear Genius 3 - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

Jon asked "Adee how are you feeling?"  Adee "getting by."  Jon "good."  Then Adee bent over a waste basket and threw up.  His model looked on in horror.

Then Adee picked up the trash can he just threw up in and kicked the glass door to the salon open and said "F*** it, there's no way" and walked out.  His model said "that's not a good sign."  You could hear Adee cursing behind the closed door.

Jon said "was that Adee?"  Brig said sarcastically "one way ticket from LAX to London."  Amy showed more compassion and said "he's really sick, poor fellow."  Brian said "Adee got sick and is not going to be able to finish the challenge. He really looked ill and I hope the best for him."

Camilla explained that because Adee was ill his work would not be judged.

When the stylists got back to their suite Adee was asleep.  The next morning Brig said "good to see you standing upright."  Adee said "cheers." She then said "I'm going to beat you today."  Adee said "good girl, that's the spirit."

Third Elimination Challenge - Cover Shoot For Romance Novel

Since Matthew won the Short Cut Challenge he was able to pair up the stylists.  He paired Adee with Faatemah.

Adee took the lead on the team and he told Faatemah he envisoned a really sexy "fishtail braid like 'Last Of The Mohicans' with Daniel Day Lewis.  Adee selected the male model and Faatemah took the female.  Adee's response to Faatemah's vision for the female model was "wicked".

(Image of Adee's Male Model For Cover Model Shoot - Shear Genius 3 - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

Note: To read about the results of Faatemah's parntership with Adee check out: Why Faatemah Ampey Was Cut From Shear Genius 3

Adee told Orlando Pita "we did a little consultation together" at which point Faatemah asked Adee "are you going to speak for me or am I going to speak for me?"  Adee said "you speak."   Adee told the camera "I did delegate a lot of my time to do the haircut and he proceeded to curse which was bleeped out.

When Adee and Faatemah met with the photographer he commented that he thought his haircut looked really good.  As far as the photographer he said "I had 15 minutes with a guy I never met, no time to brief him, no time to show him how I wanted my hair shot. It was him going 'this is how I'm setting it up.  Take it or leave it."

Adee explained to the judges "one of my favorite movies is 'Last Of The Mohicans' so Faatemah said 'I'm quite happy to take the lady' and I said 'I was quite happy to take the guy'.  And I did the haircut like a veil.  Disconnected fringe, layered technically and that haircut is an amazing haircut."

Jonathan Antin said "listen I wish he looked like one of the "Last Of The Mohicans".  I do, but I just felt that his hair looked messy and unfinished."

Adee had another meltdown.  He complained about the photographer "I wanted it as a profile shot, not as a profile, with the light back because the image, the women too but if you cut a haircut as the focal point you have to be able to express that haircut on a shoot."

Jonathan said "hair cutting has absolutely nothing to do at the end of the day when you're on set styling a model."

(Image of Celebrity Hairdresser and Shear Genius Judge Jonathan Antin - Shear Genius 3 - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

Adee said to Jonathan and the other judges "F*** that picture."  Camilla said "you know Adee, that's part of the business."  Adee said "part of the business to pick a really bad picture?"  Camila said "no, no, no, slow down your horses and listen what I have to say, OK?"  Adee looked frustrated and rubbed his forehead.

While they were waiting for the judging Adee was grumbling about the photos to Faatemah.

What did the judges say about Adee's work?  Ken Paves said "the halo with the veil, we all know is an amazing Vidal Sassoon haircut from the sixties, inappropriate, absolutely.  Once again Adee's trying to prove himself 'I'm a London editorial stylist.  And?"  Jonathan Antin said "that's a haircut, this is supposed to be a hairstyle."

(Imabe of guest judge Ken Paves with Camilla Alves - Shear Genius 3 - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

Kim Vo said "Adee's haircut off camera actually looked great but it doesn't translate in this photograph."

Although Adee didn't lose he was in the bottom two and barely escaped elimination.  His teammate, Faatemah was sent home instead.

Fourth Short Cut Competition - Flowers In The Hair

Continuing his downward spiral Adee came in on the bottom two of the floral hairstyle competition.

To read a detailed blog about the Flower Short Cut Challenge refer to: Shear Genius 3 Episode 4 Short Cut Challenge

He failed to impress celebrity hairdresser Harry Josh.  When Adee explained himself he started beating himself up and Harry stopped him.

Adee knew he was on a slippery slope towards the final cut.  He noted that he had to pull it out of the bag in the Elimination Competition.

(Image of Adee's floral hairstyle design - Shear Genius 3 - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

Fourth Elimination Competition - Traditional Indian Wedding Bridesmaid's Hair

Going into the fourth elimination competition Adee appeared to be demoralized.  However, his friend Brian had his back.

Brian tried to help Adee.  Since he won the Short Cut Challenge he was allowed to pair the models with the stylists.  Brian picked a model for himself first, a model for Amy and then Adee next.

Brian told the camera "Adee's my favorite in this competition and he and I get along really well.  So I wanted to help him out so I waited for the nod, the que to say 'that's my model.'"

Adee confirmed as he was walking around he gave Brian "the wink wink" on the model he wanted Brian to assign to him.  Adee was hopeful he would have better luck in this elimination.

(Image of Adee's Bridesmaid Model Before Transformation - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

Unfortunately even though Adee loved the challenge and told the camera "traditional Indian wedding.  Fantastic.

A great culture, it's great hair to work with.  It's going to be a challenge where I can express myself" his model refused to allow Adee to add extensions, use hair accessories or basically do anything.  She was even resistant to Adee putting curls in her hair.  Adee struggled and settled on just doing a simple hairstyle.

Adee told his model "you can't get any simpler than that.  I think I'm on a plane to London tonight, between me and you."

He told the camera "I did eventually curl it and make it look a bit fancy and a little bit sexy, but I'm sick of it, the bad luck."

Even Matthew, who had criticized Adee in the past had sympathy for Adee's plight.

Matthew pointed out Adee's model was unwilling to let Adee do anything to her hair.   Both Adee and Matthew expressed the opinion the girl obviously didn't want to be a bridesmaid in the wedding.

Adee said she didn't even want to be in the room with the other bridesmaids having their hair done.  He was probably right.

As Adee suspected, the judges voted him out and he was cut from the show.  Indeed, Adee was on a flight to London.


Janine Jarman said it so well when she pointed out that Adee was struggling to look back to where he started in his hairdressing career.  She noted Adee was talented, but was often his own worst enemy.

Indeed, Adee had a wide range of demons whose ugly heads were constantly rearing themselves and taking Adee down for the count.

In the four weeks of Short Cuts and Elimination Challenges Adee did not win a single one.  He displayed a lot of diva attitude and as Matthew pointed out, he was always making excuses about everything.  When he wasn't whining he was arguing, cursing or talking about how much money he could charge for haircuts back in London or how many assistants he had.

In retrospect Adee might have lots of great talents but he seemed to be completely out of sync with the competition almost from the very beginning.   He didn't appear to bond well with any of the judges although he and Brian became close, which was nice to see.

No surprise Adee was cut, he was living on borrowed time.

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