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Classic Dress Up Hairstyle For Nape Level Ponytails

Introduction - Classic Dress Up Hairstyle For Nape Level Ponytails

Hair rolls never go out of style as a classic  hairstyle.  Not just hair rolls along the crown and through the sides, but also at the back of the head nestled into the nape of the neck.

A classic dress up hairstyle for nape level ponytails is always in demand for a wide range of semi-formal and formal events.  Optionally you can dress them up or down with an array of hair accessories including headbands, combs, barrettes, jeweled bobbies, or similar. Renee Rivera Stunning Jeweled Hair Comb

For the past 14+ years I have loved the ability to instantly transform a sleek ponytail, captured at the nape of my neck and then instantly pulled into a back hair roll.

Even better, the hairstyle is incredibly easy to create and looks dressy enough for a Prom, Wedding, Homecoming or any other special hairstyle event.

Follow the steps below to recreate this sleek nape level ponytail.

The hairstyle is ideal for strands which are medium to thick, are shoulder length or longer and have been temporarily straightened.

Step By Step Instructions

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1.  Use your fingers or a Blax to direct your hair towards the back of your head into a ponytail.  Make sure the sides and tops are pulled tightly back.

2.  Gather the ponytail into a hair friendly pony elastic, Bungee Band or bobby pins.

3.  Take the index and middle fingers of your right or left hand (whichever you prefer), slide them together and then gently glide your fingers right about the pony elastic.   In essence you will be making a little separation right above the pony elastic in the hair above the pony base.

4.  Once you've caused enough separation, take the end of the tail and lift it up and over the ponytail base and thread the tail of the pony through the newly created separation in the hair. If you use the entire length of the tail, use your fingers to form it into a loop and then pin the newly created hair roll into place.  Use beautiful hair comb the same color as your hair and secure the hair loop so the pins don't show.

5.  If your hair is long enough for you to still have a tail of hair, keep pulling it up and through the separation until you have run out of all of the hair.  At that point you should have a full hair roll.  Arrange it and pin it.

6.  Finish the hair roll by applying one or two drops of a shine serum or spray into the palms of your hands.  Rub them together and then lightly swipe over the top of the hair.

7.  You may also wish to spritz a light spray of firm holding hairspray

8.  Optionally you may glide a Renee Rivera jeweled hair comb into the center of the back roll to create a beautiful decorative hair roll.

Note: Check out the beautiful stunning hair accessories above and to the side.

This is a very simple hairstyle to create, but looks beautifully finished. The style does work best with hair which has been washed and temporarily straightened to create a sleek hair roll.

Summary - Classic Dress Up Hairstyle For Nape Level Ponytails

A classic dress up hairstyle for nape level ponytails is always in demand for a wide range of semi-formal and formal events.  Whether you wear this hairstyle for a dressy party, a black tie event or even as your favorite dressy wedding hairstyle, it's always looks gorgeous.

Dress it up with an array of stunning hair accessories and you will always have a winning look.

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