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Kellie Pickler Wants To Be Next Bachelorette Instead Of Ali Fedotowsky

I hope Mike Fleiss of ABC's The Bachelor and Bachelorette series was watching "The Ellen Degeneres Show" yesterday when beautiful blonde music star Kellie Pickler was a guest.

Before Kellie appeared on the show Ellen interviewed Ali Fedotowsky who left the current "Bachelor" show due to her job.  As Ali explained it to Ellen "People are wondering 'why did you go on the show if you didn't have enough time?'  she explained "I was given Leave Of Absence papers so I thought after I used all my vacation I would be able to take a leave of absence and I didn't read them.  And in the Leave Of Abscence papers it says 'you can't take a leave of absence if you haven't been at the company a year and I hadn't.   So I work long hours and it's hard for me to focus on my personal life, so that's my fault."

(Image of Kellie Pickler - - All Rights Reserved)

Ellen said "And it is true there's talks of you being the next Bachelorette?  Would you want to be the next Bachelorette?

Ali said "I don't know.  That would be so nice I would be so flattered.

Ellen asked "What about your job?  Seriously, because that's a long time.  Like you can't be sent home accidentally.  You're there the duration"  Ali said "I don't know.  If they were to ask me it would be so great.  I would have to think about it."  Ellen "I would say yes for you.  I think you should do that."  Ali said "would you help me, come pick the guys out?"  Ellen "absolutely."

(Image of Kellie Pickler - - All Rights Reserved)

Kellie said "And that girl's (Ali) not going to have her own bachelor.  I'm gonna be on it.  I'm the new Bachelorette."  Ellen asked "do you want to be on "The Bachelorette"?  Let's put you on there."  Kellie "oh yeah."   The crowd went crazy and then Kellie laughed, waved her arms and said "I'm kidding" but she seemed definitely like she wanted to do it.

Whoa.  Mike Fleiss,  can you even imagine the ratings winner a Bachelorette would be with Kelli Pickler?  You would win an entire new audience of music fans and she would be absolutely adorable.  With her bubbly blonde beauty and quirky personality mixed with Southern Charm and great body you would have the best Bachelorette ever.

Ellen Degeneres loves Kellie Pickler so just imagine how much she would help to promote the show.  Also, imagine all of Kellie's friends helping her pick bachelors like Taylor Swift and Katherine McPhee and Carrie Underwood.  My head is spinning.  What a show you would have on your hands.

I hope you are already working on this option.  I think Kellie Pickler would be amazing.  Ali's cute but Kellie blows her out of the Bachelor infested waters.

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