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Kevin Nealon's Fund Raising For Friend Big Joe

Funny man Kevin Nealon (Weeds) was a guest on funny lady Bonnie Hunt's daytime talk show.  As you can imagine, they were very funny together.

Although Kevin was joking around, his primary goal in appearing was to promote his current fund raising efforts on behalf of his long time friend, Big Joe Kenny ( Friends Of Big Joe) who has had serious medical challenges which Kevin and his friends are working to raise money for.

Bonnie and Kevin started their visit by talking about Kevin's son Gable who just turned three years old.

(Image of comedian Kevin Nealon with Big Joe Kenny  to promote Friends of Big Joe - a series of comedy concerts to raise money for Big Joe's skin cancer treatments - Copyright - All Rights Reserved).

Bonnie showed a photo of Kevin's son who said he was "ready to go on tour" from the photo Bonnie had.  In the photo Kevin's son was obviously crying, although he looked as cute as can be.

Kevin explained to Bonnie that even though his son already turned three it was challenging arranging a party that would co-ordinate with the naps of his little friends,  his grandparents and his parents.  Of course Kevin was being his funny and sarcastic self.  Kevin said that in order to account for all the napping Gable's party will be at 9:00 am.

Kevin teased Bonnie about calling his son Gabe instead of his full name Gable.  He also reported that "I've never been funnier.  This is the funniest I've ever been.  I was happy it would last and so far, so good."

In comparing their cell phones, Kevin reported he has an iPhone loaded down with "a lot of apps" while Bonnie has a "white leather Blackberry".

Kevin shared a secret tip for getting attention.  He told Bonnie when he is out with a group of friends if they aren't paying attention to him, he will "start talking" very "softly".  He demonstrated his technique on Bonnie and it was quite effective and funny at the same time.  Kevin said his talking softly trick "really gets attention.  It really does."

Bonnie explained she has known Kevin "for many many years" and is always "happy to see you."  The two obviously have fun together.

Kevin told Bonnie "one of these days we're going to do a show together.  When you're finished living out your dreams, come to me."  Bonnie reminded him "my dream's over in May, the show" (which has been canceled).

Kevin said "that's sooner than I had expected. Seriously, we should do something together."

What's Kevin been up to besides acting Weeds?  He's been "doing a lot of stand-up lately."   Bonnie showed a clip of Kevin in a skit with Dana Carvey.  He explained he and Dana had spent a lot of time together in the early years.  They "ran together" and "visited a lot of the clubs" together and Dana stayed above the garage from where he was living back then.  Obviously a long history together.

On a more serious note Kevin talked about "Big Joe Kenny" who had also been one of Kevin's roommates in the early days.  He explained "Big Joe" was diagnosed with skin cancer and "because of his medical condition he was not able to work for awhile" and "not able to afford" the radiation treatments he needed.

As a result Kevin put together a series of fund raising comedy series at The Magic And Comedy Club in Hermosa Beach, California with featured comedians such as Howie Mandel, Ray Romano, David Spade, Dana Carvey along with Kevin himself.  Kevin said they are hoping to raise a good amount of money for Joe.

Kevin asked that anyone wanting to donate can visit Friends Of Big Joe.

Be sure to check Friends Of Big Joe's website since the comedy concerts have already started with Ray Romano appearing on Wednesday, February 17th, 2010.

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