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Are Kelly, Jack, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne The All American Family?

The Osbourne Family were featured guests on Ellen Degeneres on Friday, February 5th.  At the beginning of the interview Ellen chatted with Ozzy and Sharon and told them they would be fined $1,000 for every swear word they uttered.

After chatting with Ozzy and Sharon their children, Jack and Kelly joined their parent onstage to chat.

Once everyone was settled on Ellen's coach she said "Look at that, the All American Family." Sharon said "I know."

Jack laughed and said "The all American family with British passports."

Ellen asked Jack and Kelly "were any of the stories surprising in the book for you?"  Kelly shook her head no.  Ellen "you had known all this stuff?"

Kelly, who recently tweeted on Twitter that she had gotten her color refreshed to a white blonde also was wearing a very full, medium length wavy bob hairstyle which looked very cute.  Kelly had a messy side part and a full side-swept fringe.

Kelly "it's only when you actually get my father's book and read it that you start to realize again how unnormal it actually really was."

Ellen "Because that was all you knew so you thought that was sorta...."

Kelly "Yeah to me.  And to be honest with you I couldn't imagine us being any other way."

Jack "At the end of the day there's plenty of families that go through like an alcoholic, drug addict household and you know the difference is that Oz is publicized and you know people want to read about it.  You know, some of the things aren't that abnormal.  You know.  In the grand scheme of things."

Ellen "Absolutely, I'm sure there are a lot of people who can relate to a lot of this.  And it's just easy to keep it quiet."

Kelly "And I feel the more honest that we are about the normal things that can happen.  Not just to, us but to everyone.  The more comfortable everyone else feels about themselves.  And maybe it's not a big deal.  Maybe there are places we can all get help and get our dirty laundry out so we've not fighting all the time."

Ellen "Absolutely.  That's the best thing you can do, to be an example.  Now what would you say you loved the most about your dad?  Because you obviously see some down sides to him.  And some hard things to watch, but what do you love most about him?"

Kelly "My dad never lied to us about what was going on.  And he was always really honest.  And I think that, no matter what, my dad has always told us he loves us and there was never a lack of love.  You would never confused about 'yes, it was hard, it was really hard sometimes, but I think that."  Kelly turned to Jack 'wouldn't you say?"

Jack "Yeah.  I mean the household has always been very honest and upfront about what was going and on."

Ellen "So that honestly though..." She directed towards Jack and Kelly "you were doing drugs and drinking."  She looked at Ozzy and Sharon "did you know they were doing drugs and drinking?  Were they honest with you?"

Ozzy "I was doing the same. So, it's like you've always said 'don't drink, don't smoke cigarrettes, don't do this and while I'm doing it it's not a very good example."

Ellen "right."

She continued and talked to Sharon "and you had cancer at the time so you didn't really know what was going on."

Sharon "I knew the kids were both drinking but I was in such denial to how much they were doing.  Especially with Jack. I never knew he (Jack) was doing Oxycotin.  And I didn't want to know cause I was in such denial.  It's like put my head in the sand and it will all go away."

Ellen "right, right."  She looked at Jack "And you have just finished or are doing a documentary on your dad's life right now.  Right?"

Jack "Yeah, we just in the post production phases right now but."  Ellen "alright, well that's gotta be fascinating to watch what's happening now."

"What a life that you've lived ... and the fact that all of you are clean now," DeGeneres said to her guests.

Sharon "Thank you too.  "It's a great message to send out cause we were always known as the most dysfunctional family and you know look at us."

Ozzy said "Look at my face.  Who's the guy we should follow?  Who is the functional family?  Being a parent is the hardest job in the world.  Especially a mom (and he pointed to Sharon) who has a husband who's drunk every day."

Ellen "No.  There isn't a functional family.  And I would say.  I agree.  There is no perfect family.  You all look pretty good right now.  And you all love each other and respect each other and you know.  That's what it's about.  That really what a family."

Kelly "Can I add something for Haiti really quickly?"  Ellen "yeah, go ahead and swear"  Kelly "I can't believe how well behaved we've all been today."  The Kelly produced two bleeped-out words, laughed and said "there we go."

Ozzy then smiled and produced four bleeped out words and punched his fists onto his knees in glee.   Jack laughed, threw his hands into the air and produced a bleeped out word.

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