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Serena Williams Says Black Catsuit Made Her Famous

Women's tennis champion Serena Williams was on Bonnie Hunt recently.  Bonnie is a huge fan and pointed out that Serena Williams has won 12 Singles Championships and is tied with Billie Jean King for the record.

Bonnie told Serena she is "a huge fan" and was amazed as how much Serena and her sister have accomplished.

Bonnie asked Serena "what was it like to tie  the record to be there (Australian Open)."  Serena, who was wearing her hair long and stick straight with long below-the-eyebrow straight bangs said "it was really good to be there.  It was nerve wrecking because Billy Jean King is so cool and when you think about tennis, battle of the sexes."

Bonnie "it's the first I remember about professional tennis was Billie Jean King."

Serena "Yeah, absolutely.  And not only that.  She did so much for women's sports outside of tennis and she's like a huge role model for me so when I realized I was getting close to that record I got a little nervous and then I lost a few times and I said 'Serena, just relax' and then I was able to tie her and then I was like 'oh my god' it was so cool."

Bonnie "How do you talk yourself into do you stay in the zone when you're out there?"

Serena "Well you know, for me, it's not about staying in the zone.  It's about being relaxed.  Sometimes I'll be thinking, like sometimes I'll be thinking about 'gosh well if I lose well I'm gonna catch this flight', and you know.  And it's in the middle of the match and I'll be like 'Serena snap out of it.  You've got to think about the point.  Not about the flight' so, so I mean, I'm not in the zone as much as you may think that I am."

Bonnie "So you met Prince William (England)?"

Serena "Yeah, that was the highlight of the whole tournament."

Bonnie "Serious?"

Serena "I didn't care about winning I was really excited about seeing the Prince."

Bonnie "Here you are (a photo was shown to the audience) with your mom and Prince William"

Serena "It was so cool because I had just finished playing and I thought 'Okay' and they're like 'Prince William is here and he wanted to meet you.'  And I was like no wayyy.  I wanted to.  You know when you met the Prince you've got to wear a dress and be in fashion.  I had just gotten off the court and I was sweaty."

Bonnie said "You could have borrowed Venus' outfit."  Serena laughed "well I couldn't because she's way smaller than I am. Soooo"

Serena "But I just thought OK well.  I just wound up throwing on a Nike top which ended up being cute.  But he had on a suit and my mom met him too.  And we were all really excited.  But he was very tactful."

Bonnie "There's your formal attire (Bonnie showed a photo) to meet the Royal Family.

Serena "Exactly.  Formal sports attire.  But you know, he was such a gentleman.  And he was so cool and so down to earth and yeahhh."

Bonnie "Is he an attractive guy in person?"

Serena "Oh my gosh he was so cute I was like 'oh he was a really cutie pie' and I was like hmmmm, I wish I could've been a princess."

Bonnie "Ohhhhhhh.  I said maybe you could've borrowed Venus' outfit because her outfit caused such a stir."

Serena "I know.  What she did.  And I was there when she was designing it.  What she did, obviously it was lime green and then the shorts, you can see that they're brown, but they were nude.  So it looked like she wasn't wearing shorts, but she was.  And it's like the whole nude thing, you see people going to the Oscars, they're all wearing that skin tone, the skin flesh and that's kinda what she did then I guess she got a lot of press over it.  But she was covered and she didn't care."

Bonnie "yeah, she was covered.  There's nothing wrong with that. And she designed that, right?"

Serena "Yes, she designed that.  She has her own company, Eleven, which makes fabulous designs.  I totally inspire, I wish I was doing my own thing.  And wearing her stuff."

Bonnie "Well you've had some great.....outfits."  Bonnie showed some photos of Serena wearing different tennis outfits including warm-up boot.

Serena described a photos where she was wearing boots on the court with a white skirt.  She told Bonnie "I never saw anyone wearing boots in tennis.  And honestly I'm obsessed with shoes and so they actually strapped around the shoe which was kinda cool so you could take it off.  So I just warmed up in it and when I started my match I just like unzipped it and it came off.  It was fun times."

Bonnie then showed a photo of Serena wearing a denim skirt with a black jacket and matching booths.  She said "OK, come on, how did you play in this?"

Serena said "How didn't I?  You know I was inspired by Andre Agassi because I remembered he wore denim shorts. Denim pants.  He wore shorts.  Not a skirt.  So I was like 'I wanna wear that so Nike made a great fabulous skirt."

Bonnie "You design all this stuff too?  This is from your imagination."

Serena "Yeah. Well I went to fashion school so I"

Serena pointed to a photo of her in a short black catsuit Bonnie held up and said "I always say this made me famous.  The catsuit. I was nobody until I wore the catsuit." Serena laughed and said "it was my claim to fame."

Bonnie "You know how many women in Hollywood say that? I bet it is."

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