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Heidi Klum Shares Secrets For Hiding Leftover Pregnancy Weight

Heidi Klum visited Ellen Degeneres today (2/4/10) to talk about her ongoing crusade to make people aware of heart disease.  Heidi and Ellen go way back and they have lots of fun together.

Ellen introduced Heidi by saying "our first guest just had her fourth baby and hosts three hits shows in two different continents.  Please welcome the one and only Heidi Klum."

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Heidi looked great in a quarter length pumpkin hued shirt and dark slacks with her hair loose and cascading down around her shoulders in waves.

Heidi said "now I want to know, when you said 'she just had her fourth baby' people were laughing.  What's so funny about that?"  Ellen "that's a lot of babies.  You're very young and you have a lot of babies."

Heidi looked out into the audience and said "and what's so funny about that?"

Ellen "well I don't know."  Heidi "did you hear them laughing?"  Ellen "No.  I think it was more in awe 'oh good for her' Heidi laughed and Ellen continued 'that marvelous Heidi.'

Ellen "you were here and then you gave birth like ten days after you were here.  You were huge when you were here last."  Heidi "yeah, I was ginormous."  Ellen "how old is she now?"  Heidi "she's three and a half months." Heidi said "Lou"  Ellen said "Wow. Lou is her name?"  Heidi "yeah."

Ellen "how did you get that name?"  Heidi "I don't know.  I liked it."  Ellen "I like it too but did you know ahead of time or did you look at her and say "Lou".

Heidi "No.  We had like four or five names that we really liked and we wanted to wait until she came out and then we liked Lou."  Ellen "yeah"  Heidi "we had Lou and Ellie and Elfie, we had like a whole bunch of name."

Ellen "What's wrong with Ellie?"  Heidi "I like Ellie.  Cause remember, we talked about Ellie.  I know, but she looked more like a Lou."  Ellen "right OK."  Heidi "she looked more like a Lou, so Lou was the winner."

Ellen "OK well maybe you'll have to have another one and name it Ellie."  Heidi "No!"  Ellen "and how old are the others?"  Heidi "We have Leni who is 5 1/2, Henry 4, and Johann 3."  Ellen "Wow.  That is a lot of work Heidi."

Heidi "It's a lot of work but they're great." Heidi "Not right now, but eventually."  Ellen "obviously"

Ellen "And do they like their little sister?"  Heidi "they love her, they absolutely love her."  Ellen "and who do you play peek-a-boo with?  There's one of them at that age where you, know what I'm talking about?  Talking that baby talk."

Heidi "yeah.  This one?  Peek-a-boo?" Ellen said "that one, yes"  Heidi "Leni likes it.  She plays it with Lou."  Heidi demonstrated another game they play which involves running your fingers up the body and tickling.  Ellen wasn't keen on a demonstration.

Ellen "it doesn't matter what you do.  Isn't it fun to make them laugh?"

Heidi "It's the pitch (of the voice).  There's definitely something about the pitch of the voice.  They're attracted more to the high silly voice, then the lower voice."   She demonstrated the different voices.

Ellen "and you did InStyle Magazine.  I know there's a lead time on this.  Cause you had to have shot that after you (had your baby).

Heidi "yeah, I had her three weeks then (when the photo shoot happened).  That's why it's a lot of head shots.

Ellen "That's not a head shot."  Heidi "That's not a head shot, but there's tricks that you can do.  Like you don't sit very forward and you move the biggest part far away and you lean forward.  There's a lot of things you can do.  As you can see, the rest of the photos are all head shots because I couldn't fit into anything.  Everything in the magazine comes straight from the runway."  Ellen "I know, it's so wrong."

Heidi "And a lot of the times I leave it open because in photo shoots.  I still do that sometimes.  You can't see it.  It's open in the back."  Ellen "It's completely open in the back."  Heidi "yeah, or sometimes the side zipper doesn't close so you just have to shoot from this side (opposite from the open zipper).  So you don't see it."

Ellen "And then you did a runway shortly after you gave birth?"

Heidi "I did."  Ellen "How soon after?"  Heidi "Maybe six or seven week after. But I was fully dressed."

Ellen "Yeah, I know but you were walking in heels.  This is six weeks after you gave birth?"

Heidi "Yeah, you know.  I was there and I was hosting the show.  It was Victoria Secrets Fashion Show and you know I love them and I have so much fun and the music was going I'm like 'what the heck.  You know?' and so."

Ellen "And you went to Germany?  Where's the wax figure of yourself?"

Heidi "It's in Germany right now."  Ellen showed a photo.  "Look at this."

Heidi "I was just in Germany.  That's why my children are in such a jet lag. Isn't that scary, it even looks like me."

Ellen "It is.  That's amazing."

Heidi "I was looking into my eyes and I was like 'this is so bizarre' but it's a little off here I think (she pointed to her breasts)."

Ellen "Where Well they're spread apart a little bit."  Heidi "yeah, mine are a little closer together.  Mine are closer together and not as perky.  After four children.  Not as perky. So they're a little off on the measurements."

Ellen said "well you really look fantastic."

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