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Why Australia's Joey Scandizzo Was First To Get Cut On Shear Genius 3

Joey Scandizzo had that beachy blonde surfer dude thing going on.  He also did great right outside the box for the first competition which was the Makeover Competition of Punk To Polished.  The camera captured Joey getting ready to mix more color.

(Image of Joey Scandizzo - Shear Genius 3 - - All Rights Reserved)

Joey, who is 29, was from Melbourne, Australia.

Joey said "I've been to a lot of competitions.  I won the national competition which took me to Berlin (Germany) where I came in third in the world.  I always want my work to be loud and to stand out and be vibrant.

Whether that will appeal to the American market or not I don't know."

He told his model, as he worked on her hair "don't stress down there.  I know what I'm doing."

A Modern Version Of A Long Mullet

When Joey's model was presented the first thing Jonathan Antin said was "this is a very cool Mullet. And I really like what you did with the purple around her face and the hairline.  It makes her eyes jump right out."

(Image of Joey's model Before Makeover Transformation from Punk To Polished - - All Rights Reserved)

Joey said "Jonathan really got the cut and the color and thought it was quite good which I was confident about."

I have to agree with Jonathan about the transformation of Joey's model.

While I really agreed about the color around the model's hairline, I am not sure that a Mullet is such a great choice these days.

Although Joey did a great job transforming his model, he did not make it into the top three.

On the flip side, he didn't make it into the bottom three either.

Which meant that after the first challenge Joey was in the middle of the pack neither standing out for being horrible or for being great.

(Image of Joey's model After Makeover Transformation from Punk To Polished - - All Rights Reserved)

Runway Show For 2010 Swimwear Collection

When the cameras zoomed in on Joey getting ready to work on his swimsuit model he said he was going to add all those"extensions" and his strategy was "to keep it edgy don't go to classic and boring.  I always want my hair to be loud and stand out."

Joey's model said "I'm glad I got the surfer guy" which Joey seemed to enjoy.

Orlando Pita, who is the adviser to the contestants stopped by to see what Joey was doing.  He asked Joey "what are you cooking here?"  Joey said "we're doing some tie dye hair extensions."

Indeed, he had a whole table covered with foils and a bright array of hair in bright orange and yellow and red.

Joey told Orlando "she's got the red outfit so we've got real far our colors, dread-y, beachy."  Orlando told Joey "make it special.  Don't make it just beachy hair."

(Image of L-R - Orlando Pita, Swimsuit Model, Joey Scandizzo - - All Rights Reserved)

Orlando came back around to Joey whose model was holding a bunch of vibrantly colored hair.  Orlando said "you definitely have your tie dyed hair in there."

Joey explained "I actually went in and made a necklace.  We had some foam in there and I covered that with some hair."

When the contestants moved back behind the stage for their last hour of hair cleanup Orlando told Joey "make sure it doesn't look like a necklace" as Joey was draping large layers of hair down the front of his model.

Down The Runway

As Joey's model appeared he narrated off camera and said "I wanted mine to look beachy.   Looking like she just got out of the water.  I wanted to keep it raw looking dread-y and dirty. Then she stopped and started posing. This is a catwalk, not a strip show."

Indeed, Joey's model posed in front of the contestants and started shaking her booty.  It was a little strange for sure.

What Did The Judges Say?

Camilla asked Joey "what were you trying to accomplish with this?"  Joey said "I wanted something real loose, natural and beach-y."

Kim Vo said "it's so hard.  All I see is hair.  I don't see the bikini.  Right now that thing in the middle looks like she chewed off her umbilical cord and that's still covered by a little bit of afterbirth."   Did he really say that?  I was laughing so hard because it seemed like it came out of nowhere but Mr. Kim Vo had a point.  Is he really that hilarious?"

Of course Joey didn't appreciate Kim's comments but Brig was laughing in the background.  Jonathan Antin asked Joey "how do you feel about what you're looking at right now?"

Joey said "I'm not real happy with it to be honest with you."  Jonathan repeated "you're not too happy with it?"  Joey "I mean, as my model went down the stage most you guys saw my model.  She was jumping around like a lap dancer.  I don't know what she was doing."

Camilla shook her head and said "don't blame any model."  Joey said "that was a bad day.  A real bad day."

Final Judging

Kim Vo said about Joey's look "there was a disconnect with the color.  There was a braid that went to the belly button.  Just uuuuhhh."

Monica Wise, L*Space designer and creator of the swimsuit line being shown on the runway agreed "it was a hot color, but certain elements he chose that were great, but it was just too distracting."  Afterall, Monica's first priority was to showcase her bikini line, not redirect focus away from her fabulous designs.

Camilla told Joey "your vision was poorly thought out.  The look you created was disconnected and distracting."  Amy and Adee were spared.  Joey was told he was going home.  Joey I'm sorry, this was your final cut.

Joey said "I gave it a go and it didn't happen, so I get to go home early now.  Thanks guys.  Cheers mate."  As he was leaving Joey said "getting knocked out and you've only done three looks and yeah, that's pretty disappointing.  I would have loved to gone a bit longer and shown what I had."

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