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How Does Bourne Series Delay Impact Actress Julia Stiles?

Recently the news that plans for a fourth "Bourne" movie stalled late last year when director Paul Greengrass walked away from the franchise followed closely by the film's key star Matt Damon.  At the time Matt stated he wouldn't do the "Bourne" sequel with any other director.

Even with the related drama Matt told the media he remained hopeful of his participation in the series.  He told MTV News in December, "I think it's going to happen someday."

Damon continues to see himself in the role, more recently telling Empire that he and Greengrass are "probably another five years away" from the next chapter. But the next installment may be another thing entirely. Damon believes Universal will keep the franchise alive in the meantime with a feature-length flashback.

"There'll probably be a prequel of some kind with another actor and another director before we do another one," he told the British magazine while promoting the UK release of "Invictus."

It's interesting the current state of the "Bourne" films with regard to actress Julia Stiles (March 28, 1981) who has played the character of Nicky Parsons throughout the "Bourne" series.

The naturally curly haired actress has had a film career which has included both commercial and critical successes, ranging from teen romantic comedies such as '10 Things I Hate About You' (1999) to dark art house pictures such as 'The Business of Strangers' (2001).  She played the leading role in 'Save the Last Dance'.

And speaking of Julia Stiles, it's been 10 years since Julia and a brooding young Australian, Heath Ledger, fell in love on screen in a modern remake of Shakespeare's original "Taming Of The Shrew."  At the time the film was released Julia was thought to be a big star on the rise.

Other than her roles in the various Bourne films and a few other films, Julia Stiles has been flying under the wire for awhile.  So what happened to Julia Stiles?  According to various reports, she has three films in various stages of development for release in 2010.

I have always been a fan of Julia's, especially after she gave an interview to InStyle Magazine where she told them she had naturally curly hair.  Julia told InStyle Magazine about her natural curls "yeah, and surprisingly, I've always liked that (the natural curls).

Stylists want to straighten it, and I don't understand why. My dad always told me, "You have such beautiful curly hair," and I've taken pride in it.

Meanwhile, here hoping Julia Stiles returns to the surface for 2010.  I for one miss her performances.

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