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True Blood's Alexander Skarsgard Talks About Making Out With Lady Gaga

Alexander Skarsgård plays a 1,000 year old vampire, Eric Northman, on HBO's "True Blood."   He was interviewed on the Golden Globes Red Carpet by E!'s Ashlan.

E! started by saying "you're a big drink of water.  I like that."   Alexander said "yeah, I think that's the sole reason that they invited me up here (to the E! sky box)."

Alexander continued "I feel pretty tall."  E! said "we need people up here in the sky booth" which is where the interview was taking place.

E! asked "now 1,000 years old.  Is that old for a vampire?"  Alexander said "yeah, it's pretty old.  My so-called father is, or was, 2,000 years old (on "True Blood") so he was a little older."

Ashlan said "not everyone realizes that it was you making out with Lady Gaga on her music video "Paparazzi"

Alexander "now they know."  Ashlan "now they know."

A clip of the video was shown with Alexander and Lady Gaga kissing and making out.

Ashlan said "yeah.  What was that like?  Oh there you are (in response to the clip) that's hot.  WHOA.  What was that like working with her.  What was it like making out with her I should say."

Alexander said "it's for the art."

Ashlan "it's all just rolling around.  Right?"

Alexander "yeah, exactly."  Alexander "No.  It was a lot of fun.  A friend of mine directed it.  I don't know her.  At that point I didn't know her at all and my friend the director called me and asked if I wanted to be in the video.  I've never been in a music video before.  He told me 'it's going to be like a love story' and I was like 'uh is it going to be like us walking down the beach holding hands or something cheesy like that?' And he (the director) said 'no, you're going to try and kill her and push her off a balcony and then she's going to come back and poisen you and you die. And I said 'yeah, I think I can do that.'  It sounds like a lot of fun."

Ashlan asked the talk actor "now what do you miss most about (his home) Sweden? And what do you miss about the United States when you go back home?"  Alexander said "well obviously my family.  They're all back there and my friends.  And the Winter.  We got a little bit of rain today and I'm excited about that, it feels like Sweden.  I miss the four seasons back home."

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