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E!'s Glam Cam 360 Golden Globes Fashion Toy

Ryan Seacrest and Giuliana Rancic were on the Live on the Red Carpet for the 2010 Golden Globe awards starting at 6:00 pm.    Ryan started his presentation by talking about the fact that there are 48 cameras all facing the area where the celebrities stand and show off their fashions.

Guiliana explained "here's how it works.  Celebrities are going to make their way down the Red Carpet to the heart of the fashion universe.  So if you love fashion and celebrities.  You're in heaven."

Ryan explained "this allows us to pick up the images and spin them around and really see the fashions like no one else on the Red Carpet."

Ryan was wearing a gorgeous dark tux, but Guiliana was wearing a stunning metallic silver gown with one bare shoulder.  The gown was shimmering.

Guiliana had her blonde hair pulled back off her forehead with a slight "bump" and coiled into a ponytail descending a few inches below her crown.  A strand of her hair was wrapped around the base to give the pony a lot of polish.

Guiliana had her pony curled into a loose ringlet.  Her hair worked perfectly with her off-the-shoulder long gown.

Guiliana said Ryan seemed nervous.  Ryan said "I'm not nervous.  I'm blinded (by Guiliana's dress).  At that point Guiliana demonstrated the E! Glam Cam for the at-home audience.  She posed and the Glam Cam showed her gorgeous long gown from all angles.

Jay Alexander in the E! Sky Box examined Guiliana's dress.  Jay said "I know the Glam Cam is super hot."  Jay told Guilana that he was thrilled she took his advice to wear the silver gown, which Ryan called "the balloon boy dress"

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Jay said "Guiliana, the silver gown looks absolutely beautiful.  Ryan you don't look too shabby.  I'm liking the tux."

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