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Kim Kardashian Flies To Miami And Pushes Reggie Bush For Engagement

A few hours ago Kim Kardashian was spotted landing in Miami, Florida.  The reality TV star has been crazy busy over the past few months dealing with the sudden marriage of little sister Khloe to basketball star Lamar Odom, the birth of Kourtney's son, Mason Dask Disick, dealing with a sick stray she found on the street (Princess) and reconciling with on again, off again boyfriend Reggie Bush.

On the business side Kim's been working with OK Magazine, launching her new perfume line, appearing on 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' (KUWTK), getting soiled by a monkey, who also got Ashton Kutcher and traveling for her various appearance commitments.

Since football player Reggie and Kim are back together the buzz is that Kim's anxious to get married and start a family.

HipHopRX reported that in a recent interview on Citadel Interactive morning radio with "Kidd Kraddick in the Morning," Kim said while she's not trying to rush Reggie into proposing, she did get him to agree to a deal. The terms? If Reggie's team, the New Orlean's Saints, wins the Superbowl, then he has to propose to Kim.

Whoa.  A little pressure there wouldn't you say?  If in fact this is a true deal that really happened.

Although it seems crazy to imagine how Kim could jam one more commitment into her overpacked schedule, at least the nuptials would be great for the tabloids, the media and MTV.  Since Kim is listed as an editor for OK Magazine, they would probably have first shot at all of her planning scoops.

MTV would probably have another great wedding event to add to KUWTK and of course it would keep mom Kris swamped with more wedding preparations.

Kim has made no secret of the fact she wants a husband like Khloe and a baby like Kourtney.  Of course scheduling everything in is going to be tricky but at least she has a bunch of sisters and a supportive mom/manager to help her keep all her balls in the air.  The latest Kim rumor is that now that she's launched her perfume she will be moving into the aftershave market.

Meanwhile, keep your eyes peeled to see how the New Orleans Saints do in the Superbowl?  Is this rumor for real?  Who knows.  In Hollywood anything is possible.  Right?

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