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Lauren Graham Stars On Parenthood

Lauren Graham starred on 'Gilmore Girls' for seven years, which was one of my favorite shows.  I still watch CDs of my favorite Gilmore Girls episodes.

(Image of Lauren Graham in TV's hit series "Gilmore Girls" which originally was on The WB and eventually moved to The CW Network - WB - All Rights Reserved)

She recently appeared on Ellen Degeneres to talk about her new role on NBC's show 'Parenthood.'  The bubbly Lauren Graham was wearing her brunette hair long and wavy.  She had on black slacks and a sleeveless black silky top.  She looked gorgeous as always.

When Ellen introduced Lauren she started to call her "Laura", but she also called her "energetic."

Ellen said "It doesn't matter what the level of energy is, I always enjoy when you are on the show.  But I almost called you Laura just now.  Is that wrong?"  Lauren teased Ellen and said "No, but I did notice when you introduced the show today you said 'we've got a pretty good show today.'  Not a great one.  But a pretty good one."

Ellen said "It tied into what I was saying about pretty.  It was just a segway."  Lauren "Listen Ellie, it doesn't matter." Ellen said "That's what I'm talking about.  Seeee?"  Ellen laughed about Lauren teasing her by calling her Ellie instead of Ellen.

Ellen asked Lauren how she was doing and Lauren answered "fine thank you" in a Southern accent.  Ellen asked Lauren what was up with her Southern accent.  Lauren teased Ellen that Lauren was going to be a beauty queen.  She told Ellen she was practicing her beauty queen way.

Ellen told Lauren "so tell me, you're doing a play in New York, 'Guys And Dolls' right?"  Lauren said "I'm doing Guys And Dolls on Broadway, this year."  Ellen "for how long?"  Lauren "for about six months we ran, and it was really a childhood dream, you know, come true."

Ellen "really"  Lauren "yeah, I mean, that was what I always wanted to do.  But I forget how hard things are, you know.  And the theater is just one of the hardest jobs.  Kelly Clarkson came, by the way, my voice cracked that night. But anyway, besides that, it was great."

Ellen "and it's like two or three shows a day, right?"  Lauren "Well somedays, it's not three, you'd die.  It's eight shows a week, but yes on some days you have matinees and I walked around like a total dork.  Like with scarves and with note cards because I didn't want to talk.  You go sleep you have the humidifier, glasses and a hat.  And I'm like it's so insane. It's not a sexy look. Sleeping like, you know, because you worry about getting sick, all the time, yeah."

Ellen "You're protecting your voice because you're constantly using it."  Lauten "In TV they just slap some more makeup on you and it doesn't matter."

(Image of Lauren Graham from Gilmore Girls - WB - All Rights Reserved)

Ellen showed a clip of Lauren in the show and she asked "Now which one are you?"  Lauren said "I'm the blonde, in the pink dress."  Ellen "Oh that's great.  You had fun?"

Lauren "I really did have fun.  Yeah, it's interesting. I learned so much about being an audience member actually because  you think (talking to the audience) we can't see you, but we can.  And in this technological time people are filming everything all the time and.."  Ellen teased "we're filming right now, by the way."

Lauren said "noooo this is theater.  This is live theater.  And I'm Southern again.  But so you know, people would film and it makes you really you nervous."  Ellen "Like with a camera? With a phone?"  Lauren "Yeah with anything, but you can see because there's always like some blinking light and so you're like Blahhhh (she sang a note) I can see you, Blahhh (demonstrating singing again) that's me doing my musical singing.  Uh and there was night where there was a blinking light that was so distracting."

Lauren continued "I came off stage and I was like please go get whoever that is.  It's driving us all crazy.  And they go down (into the audience)  It was a woman who had just turned 80. It was her 80 year old birthday pin that said Happy Birthday.  And I was just like 'I can't' and she was like 'I've been coming to the theater my whole life and I feel so terrible, I didn't know you could see me.' Lauren said "we can see you.  We can see you.  But that was too bad."

Ellen "Yeah and they left it on then?"  Lauren "No they ripped that thing off."  Ellen "Good for you Lauren, you showed that lady."  Lauren "Yeah, Happy Birthday Mildred."

Lauren "And then, we didn't have an orchestra pit. The orchestra was behind us so the crowd was even closer and you know some people make the choice to spend $125 dollars on a Broadway ticket cause they're real sleepy and they need a nap and we had a lady and I watched her out of the corner of my eye. And she was doing one of these, you know (nodding her head down while falling asleep).  And I'm like, she's this far from being on the stage (and resting her head, sleeping)  Because it's so quiet you know. With fifty people singing and dancing.  Like it's a wonderful placeto get some rest."

Ellen "You must be relieved that you're going back to television.  And getting away from life audiences."

Lauren "Yeah, it's like a walk in the park. Yeah."

Ellen "Yeah, but it's exciting.  It was a great movie, it's going to be a great show. With Ron Howard."

Lauren "With Ron Howard and Brian Grazer producing it.  From the movie 'Parenthood' which I loved and it's really. you know.  I guess it's been 2 1/2 years since Gilmore Girls.  I mean, it feels really like it went by quickly but this is the first thing I read that I just loved and I really wanted to do."

Ellen "Oh good. We can't wait to see you back on the air, because we love you."

Ellen took a commercial break and then said "we are back with the always energetic Lauren Graham."  Lauren said "I would like you to always call me that from now on.  The Energetic Lauren Graham."

Ellen agreed "that's what I'm going to call you and that's what everybody here will call you.  When they run into you.  Are you always the energetic Lauren Graham?

Lauren responded very energetically "Yes I am! I'll say it like that."

Ellen said "How are things?  You actually moved into a house, Portia's old house."  Lauren said "yeah"  Ellen "You bought that house, how is that house now?"  Lauren "it's so beautiful.  It's just a great house and I just endlessly seem to be doing work on it.  Of one kind or another.  It's an older house and so that's just what happens.  I had some TV issues and I had to get a new TIVO box and I don't think I felt as vulnerable in my adult life as when I had to tell the strangers what was in my TIVO so they could program it for me.  And I was like... And they were so, what do you want us to put in and I was like 'um I don't really watch TV that much, Top Chef, and mainly it's PBS stuff and Real Housewives of Atlanta and also, you know, some documentary films, Kung Fu Panda, and I was like.  It was like a terrible, terribly vulnerable day."

Ellen "Can't you TIVO your own stuff so you don't have to tell a stranger how to put TIVO stuff in?"

Lauren "It was a new kind and it's HD and it makes everything confusing.   I don't know, they were just being nice.  I don't know.  I'm usually more of a Do It Yourself person.  But they were like, why wouldn't you tell us.  And I was like, because, it's just, you know, it's like America's Top Model, 24 hours a day."

Ellen "And The Ellen Show."  Lauren "yeah, and The Ellen Show and So You Think You Can Dance."

At that point a gigantic Panda like Kung Fu Panda snuck up behind Lauren's chair and scared her.  Lauren screamed and said "Oh my god, there's a panda here."  She turned around to look at the gigantic Panda which was running away.

Ellen "Did you even see that it was a Panda coming right behind you?"  Lauren "I saw him at the end."  Ellen "darn"  Lauren "You didn't think I was scared enough?  Ellen "No"  Lauren "you were disappointed?"  Ellen "I was disappointed.  Lauren "You wanted me to really scream?"  Ellen "I wanted you to turn and really see it was a panda behind you."

Lauren "Pandas are so loving and sweet, why would I be scared?"  Ellen "Do we have a playback of that?"  Ellen showed the playback of Lauren and the Panda.

Lauren "It's scary here at the Ellen show."

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