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Miss Piggy Straightens Her Platinum Blonde Hair

Miss Piggy was recently a guest on Bonnie Hunt's talk show.   In her introduction of Miss Piggy Bonnie said "our next guest needs no introduction, well, I'm going to do apparently one anyway."

Bonnied note "she's a show business legend, an author, a fashionista, a singer and an actress.  She's one of my idols."

(Image of Miss Piggy from movie 'A Muppet's Christmas:  Letters To Santa - NBC - All Rights Reserved)

Bonnie showed a clip of Miss Piggy's most recent film 'A Muppet's Christmas, Letters To Santa' which Bonnie pointed out was Miss Piggy's latest piece of work.

Miss Piggy appeared on the show sitting next to Bonnie and looked very fashionable wearing her famous long blonde hair sleek and stick straight. 

She was wearing the season's hot animal print collar adoring her black leather coat and complementing her trademark pearl necklace with her famous eye makeup.  The famous Miss Piggy was also wearing her trademark gloves and rings.

After Bonnie introduced the famous Muppet she said to the audience "hello, hello everyone."

She looked at Bonnie and said "thank you so much for having me back on your show."

(Image of Miss Piggy and Kermit The Frog from 'A Muppet's Christmas, Letters To Santa' - December 2009 - NBC - All Rights Reserved)

Bonnie seemed thrilled with Miss Piggy and said "Ohhhh I'm so happy to see you.  What was it like making the movie?  The big movie?"

Miss Piggy said "you now what?  I don't think I've been on your show before."  Bonnie said "no you haven't"  Miss Piggy "I just realized that.  Bonnie "no."  Miss Piggy "I think I thought you were somebody else. Who are you again?"  Bonnie  "I don't know, but we look a lot alike. Don't we?"  Miss Piggy "we do.  Look at that.  Look at that."

Bonnie "Now Miss Piggy, you know I'm single now."  Miss Piggy replied "ahh huh"  Bonnie "I'm wondering.  You're around a lot of guys.  You meet a lot of guys.  Right?

Miss Piggy "oh certainly"  Bonnie "would you have any crushes?  I develop a lot of crushes."  Miss Piggy "you have crushes?  Oh boy.  Do I ever.

There's George...Clooney,  Brad.....Pitt.  Ohh and then there's that guy from The Twilight movies.   You know?"

(Image of Miss Piggy and Kermit The Frog from 'A Muppet's Christmas, Letters To Santa' - December 2009 - NBC - All Rights Reserved)

Bonnie "oh yeah"  Miss Piggy "The vampire not the werewolf." Bonnie "no, Robert Pattinson."

Miss Piggy "yeah, the werewolf's just too hairy for me.  Do you like hair on men?"  Bonnie said "pardon me?"  Miss Piggy repeated herself "do you like hair on men?"

Bonnie said "do I like hair on men?  Yes"  Miss Piggy "uh huh"  Bonnie continued "and men with hair."  Miss Piggy "yes, yes"  Bonnie "I mean, I don't want to be able to not tell if there heads are on backwards."

Miss Piggy "you don't want to just go out with the hair."  Bonnie "no, no, no, no."  Miss Piggy "you want the hair to be connected to the man."

Bonnie "how does Kermit feel about you flirting and meeting other guys?  He's so. Oh, oh."  Miss Piggy "Kerm? Who?  Ohhh, yes, yes, Ha, Ha, Ha, the Frog.  Yes. No. He is my #1 crush, of course.  He is, Yes he is."

Bonnie "He is?  Oh that's so sweet." Miss Piggy "Yes, yes, yes."

Bonnie "Do you ever give advice to people. I mean, you hear that Kate Hudson and A Rod broke up, Should we, Yeah, yeah"  Miss Piggy "really".  Bonnie "yeah, that's the rumor."  Miss Piggy "I can't believe it. A Rod, more like Num Rod.  Thank you, thank you."

Miss Piggy "I mean, come on, give me a break. Would you ever, would you ever do that to like Katie Hudson?"

Bonnie "no, no"  Miss Piggy "she's so cute."  Bonnie "I won't take a ticket and get on the ride everybody else has been on.  No. No.  Not my cup of tea."  Miss Piggy shook her head in agreement "good for you. Good for you."

Bonnie "Yeah, yeah.  Wait, wait you're (Miss Piggy) doing my favorite expression."  Miss Piggy mugged for the cameras and said "this one?"  Bonnie "yeah"  Miss Piggy "or this one?  Or?"  Bonnie laughed.  Miss Piggy "I've got a million of them."  Bonnie "I know you do, you do a lot of takes.  It cracks me up."

Bonnie "Now do you buy all your own jewelry or does someone do that shopping for you?"  Miss Piggy "oh no,no,no,no.  Ha ha, moi is a muse. To many fashion designers.  Ummm, so I provide them with inspirations and they provide me with free clothes, free jewelry."

Bonnie "I noticed since the last time I saw you, you got ahold of a flat iron."  Miss Piggy "I'm sorry?  Oh yes. Like it?"  Miss Piggy flipped her hair all around and Bonnie stroked Miss Piggy's hair to touch it.

In answer to Miss Piggy's question Bonnie said "oh I love it.  Yes. It's really pretty." Miss Piggy said "you could borrow if it you want."  Bonnie said "borrow the flat iron?"  Miss Piggy "absolutely."  Bonnie said "oh I would love too. Yeah, I need one.  I have naturally curly hair."  She continued "Miss Piggy it is always so fun to talk to you.

Miss Piggy "Awwwww, thank you.  What is your name again?  Bonnie "Bonnie"  Miss Piggy "oh yeah, it's so nice to be on your show Bonnie.   Bonnie "ohhh, thank you.  It's nice to have you here."

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