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Marie Osmond Says Donny Carries DWTS Trophy Everywhere

Ellen told Marie Osmond, when she recently visited her show "I watched your show, like everybody, I grew up watching your show and loving both you and Donny but I really thought I was going to marry him (Donny) one day.  I really thought that was going to happen."

(Image from DANCING WITH THE STARS (DWTS)  "Dancing with the Stars" with the highly anticipated two-hour season premiere, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 2009 (8:00-10:00 p.m., ET) on ABC. (ABC/ADAM LARKEY) Jermaine Jackson, Marie Osmond - All Rights Reserved)

Marie said "I really think Donny's going to marry Bruno after kissing him on ABC's Dancing With The Stars (DWTS).  I Twittered 'Donny and Bruno sitting in a tree dot, dot, dot, dot.

Ellen said "Speaking of that, so he (Donny) won and you came in third?  How do you feel about that? Is he rubbing it in your face."

Marie said "Thank you for sharing.  Oh my goodness, yes, hellooo.  He's carrying that ball (DWTS trophy ball) everywhere with him.  I'm going to give him a bowling ball bag for Christmas and say 'here just take it everywhere.'  I teased him the other day, I said 'yeah, did you hear you're going to be in the Macy's Day Christmas Parade?'  He said 'really' and I said 'yeah they're using your head as a hot air balloon it's so big.' Rub it!"

Marie looked at Ellen and said "But Ellen you should do the show."  Marie looked at Ellen's audience while pointing at Ellen and said "she should do the show."  Ellen said "no, no, no."

Marie said "But this it the point.  I told Donny it was OK he won because we made it in the finals and the girls just dance harder than the boys do."  Ellen agreed "they really do."

Marie "The do.  I'm sorry, they do.  They do."  Ellen "so third was huge for you."

Marie  "well at my age, yessss. But it was, ya konw, I told him, I said 'the girls...for example I did like fifteen spins into a flying death drop, I had to go through the legs and I had to do splits and put my leg up on top of the guy and over backwards and the guys basically do this."  Marie demonstrated how the guys just stand with arms spread out.  Can I hold your hand while you spin 17 times?  Yah sure."

Ellen "Well your kids must have been proud of you.  How many kids do you have?"  Marie "I have eight children."

Marie "My youngest is seven and my oldest is 26.  I had him when I was four."  Ellen "wow that's amazing, 7 is your youngest."  Marie "Yeah, 7 and 26.

Ellen "You are very busy."

Marie "My son is very cute. Ellen "Well all your kids are cute, I bet."

Marie "You know what?  They are, and the greatest gifts. I have four boys and four girls. And they're just the best.  I'm a single mom.  And I live in Vegas now.  Oh yeah.  I'm doing the show there five nights a week with Donny.  You know, the hot air balloon.  But we're having a ball. We haven't worked in Vegas for 29 years together."

Ellen "And they just renewed again.  Right?  You're going back?" Marie "Until 2012.  We figured that was the end of the world, but what the heck."  Ellen "that's what they say."

Ellen "I want to personally thank you before we get away from this issue with your kids. You are very supportive of equal rights.  I love that you are outspoken about that.  So thank you."

Marie "My pleasure.  I really, you know, my daughter is gay and I couldn't love her more and she is just the greatest person. All my kids are great.  And your mother loves you.  I mean, you know I think one of the greatest things was to receive letters from, I mean thousands of letters from people saying thank you because 'my child, my son, my grandchild, whatever...How do you not love your child?  I don't understand that."

Ellen "Well thank you for being outspoken about it.  With all your spare time, you have the Vegas show, you have the dolls and now you have a new line."

Marie "It's actually a whole company.  We're launching a lifestyle program.  This is one of the products we carry, this is one of our duffel bags.  This comes in different colors and different kinds of things we have briefcases and we have candles and we have pillows and we have china and we have all have fabulous jewelry.  So subtle!"

Ellen "But why the bag line?  What made you want to do that?"

Marie "You know what?  I love fabric.  I grew up working with some of the best designers in the world.  I also travel.  My whole life.  And you know you go out and spend a lot of money on a designer bag and you spill your hand lotion and you know, it's dead.  And it's goodbye.  I love things you can wash.  I love things that are practical.  You know it's all about accessories ladies at our age.  And I like to accessorize."

Marie "This is yours (she gave Ellen a duffel bag) and I have one that is a smaller purse for your mother "because we love dressing like our mothers."  Ellen "Yes I always try to dress like my mother."

Ellen said "I heard you were giving me one and I feel guilty just taking this so I decided we should give the entire audience one."

At that point Ellen announced that the entire audience was getting Marie's new bag.  What a cool gift for Christmas.  Right?

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