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Clint Eastwood Says 80 Is The New 20

Clint Eastwood recently appeared on Ellen's show to chat about Christmas and his latest movie, "Invictus".

They are obviously friends and in fact Clint's office is right behind Ellen's stage at the Warner Brothers Studio.

Ellen greeted Clint by telling him "you look fabulous by the way."  Clint in his dry sense of humor said "we're going to get you to an ophthalmologist really soon."  Ellen thanked Clint and then congratulated him on winning "Best Director" for the film "National Board of Review."

(Image of Clint Eastwood - "Invictus" - Spyglass Entertainment - All Rights Reserved)

Ellen said "I thought everything was just starting, but you've already won.  Don't they just start nominating right now?"  Clint said "I guess they do."  Ellen "but you won.  I guess they decided, why wait? Let's just give it to him."  Clint said "I don't know, I'm just here for my stuff (referring to Ellen's 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways."

Clint teased Ellen "Actually I was out skiffing around in the parking lot and I saw a beautiful silver Porsche out there (Ellen's car) and I thought maybe..."  Ellen "uh huh, that we're giving that away?  Clint said "maybe that was something."  Ellen teased Clint back and said "uh huh, I've seen a beautiful black Mercedes out (Clint's) there too (in the parking lot) that might be."

(Image of Clint Eastwood - "Invictus" - Spyglass Entertainment - All Rights Reserved)

Clint then thanked Ellen for decorating his office (on the WB lot).  He told the audience "when she first moved on the lot she decorated my office with old trash cans and stuff.  Now she's sent people over and she's got Christmas  (decorations) "I'll tell you it's very good."

Ellen "well we have a bigger budget now.  Before we had the trash can budget and now we have actually have people that are sending us money."   Ellen asked "how do you have the energy to do what you do because you've done basically a film a year.  Right?"

Clint "I did almost two films this year.  But the only one is still in the process." Ellen "this is your 30th film that you did.  Right?"  Clint "I think so, yes.  As a Director it's the 30th one.  I've been around for half a Century or so." Ellen asked "so where do you have this energy.  It's not a secret.  We can say that you're going to turn 80 next year. Can we say that.  It's too late.  I've said it."  The audience went wild with applause.

Clint "80 is the new 20.  At least I'll keep that in my imagination."  Ellen "But how do you have this energy?  Because you really have can see it in your eyes.  You just have a light and an energy about you.  Where do you get that from?"

Clint "I just enjoy working.  I've been lucky enough to work in a career that I've enjoyed.  A job that I've enjoyed and a lot of people can't say that.  I feel very blessed because of that."  Ellen "it is important to love what you do."  Clint "It is."

Ellen then asked Clint if he thought he would act anymore.  Clint said that he wouldn't act anymore "about 5 or 6 years ago"  and then "Million Dollar Baby came along and that was a nice role and I thought, well I'll do that.  And then I said that'll be the end, cause you always want to quit with a winner.  So then Gran Torino comes along so I go..."

Clint commented about how Ellen's audience applauded without Applause Signs.  Ellen told Clint her audience just does that.  They really applaud "without signs."

Ellen "And you have two teenage daughters at home now, how old?"

Clint "One's turning 13 next week and one's 16."  Ellen asked Clint what it was like with the two teen-agers and in a very slow drawl Clint said "It's a nightmare.  It's great actually.  It's great because when you're surrounded by estrogen, like here today.  There's a few guys out there.  Thank you for supporting."  He looked over at Tony and said "And Tony.  We'll get the shots going later."

Ellen "There's so many things I love about you.  I love how many animals you've rescued."  Ellen told Clint she wanted to show the audience some of the animals that Clint has rescued.  Clint confirmed all the rescue animals live on his property in Caramel, California.

As Ellen showed off the photos of Clint's pets Clint told the audience their names and a little history of each one.  The first animal Ellen showed the audience was of a pig wearing a red Christmas outfit.  Clint told the audience "That's Penelope.  That's her Christmas picture from a few years ago.  She was once a little tiny thing and she grew up to this big thing."  Then Ellen showed a rabbit with large ears.  Clint said "That's Aggie, he's a rabbit, he's my pal.  But I'm not allergic to rabbits like cats."  Clint explained he is allergic to cats.

Clint explained why he rescued so many animals.  He told Ellen "Every time the vet calls up and says they want to get rid of another new animal" his wife tells the vet to send it over and they'll give it a "trial run" but then they get attached and the animals wind up staying with them.

Ellen teased and said "we're going to raffle off Clint's back Mercedes after this."

Clint Eastwood discussed his latest film "Invictus" and explained that it's his 30th film, directing.  He told Ellen the film is about Nelson Mandela.  He said that during his time in jail Nelson Madela discovered a rugby team and thought he could inspire them.

Ellen "And the film was brought to your attention from Morgan Freeman."  Clint agreed and said "I always felt that Morgan was the ideal guy and should play Nelson Mandela, even before there was a script," Eastwood said. "Everybody thought that. It was kind of a conversation piece around the world. But nobody ever came up with it."

Clint said he really like this film because "it only takes place over a two year period."  Clint also talked about the jail where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned and said "it's incredible and they have former prisoners who take you on the tour."

Ellen showed her audience photos of how she with the help of Underwriters Laboratories decorated Clint's Bungalow for Christmas.  Indeed, it was stunning.

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