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Charlie Sheen's Life Imitates Life On Two And A Half Men

Let me set the record straight.  I'm a huge "Two and a Half Men" as my dualing home DVRs can confirm.

Not only do I watch the current season of Charlie Harper's ongoing struggles with live-in fiancee Chelsea (Jennifer Taylor), but I watch the daily "Two and a Half Men" reruns.

Even my guy who usually runs screaming from the room when I watch sitcoms, stays and enjoys Charlie, Alan (Jon Cryer) and the gang.

Recently I was laughing so hard I was crying during a rerun episode where Charlie and Alan accidentally leave Jake (Angus T. Jones) at school in a torrential rain storm, not once, but twice.  In one of the instances of being out in the rain Jake is dressed in a Ben Franklin outfit complete with a flag.

I love the entire cast including the crazy mother Evelyn (Holland Taylor), therapist Dr. Linda Freeman (Jane Lynch) and housewife Berta (Conchata Ferrell).  Even Rose (Melanie Lynskey) Charlie's stalker warms my heart along with Alan's crazy ex-wife Judith (Marin Hinkle) and her new husband Dr. Herb Melnick (Ryan Stiles).

When all the nastiness between Charlie and ex-wife Denise Richards surfaced some years ago I put the pinch on my Hollywood sources to get the true inside scoop.  Yes, they confirmed that Charlie was a known womanizer with a fondness for alcohol, gambling and other bad boy play things.  He was considered by the Hollywood underground to be a rascal of infinite proportions.

It was almost as if his Charlie character on "Two and a Half Men" is the real Charlie Sheen.  Interesting to contemplate.

Do I care?  Not really.  Will Charlie Sheen's fans?  Probably not.   Of course I can't speak for all of them, but Charlie's fans, like Dave Letterman's fans, seem willing to forgive both men for a long list of transgressions including infidelity and other crazy behaviors.

Will I stop watching "Two and a Half Men" because of the recent news that Charlie Sheen was reportedly involved in a domestic disturbance at 8:34 am Christmas Day in Aspen, Colorado with his current wife, Brooke Mueller?

No.  I will only stop watching Charlie Sheen and his hilarious sitcom when and if it jumps the shark.  I will confess I am a little nervous about Charlie getting married to Chelsie, but maybe the writers can take the show to new heights of humor.  Maybe not.  Only time will tell.

A good question is whether Charlie was even at fault in this particular incident. reported that Brooke (Mrs. Charlie Sheen) registered a .13 on a police administered blood alcohol test while Charlie only registered a .04. Brooke was considered to be legally drunk while Charlie was not. also posted a poll on their site asking whose fault the domestic disturbance was and the results were quite telling.   Out of 116,598 votes, 56% said it was Brooke's fault, 38% said it was both and only 6% said Charlie.

Don't get me wrong.  I'm not saying domestic abuse is acceptable under any circumstances.  Nor am I giving the thumbs up to any other marital transgression.

There's actually two points to be made about Charlie and his current media buzzfest.

1.  Who really knows what happened in that home on Christmas Day.  We'll  probably will never know.  Was it Charlie or Brooke who was the aggressor and why were the police really called to the scene?

2.  Will the current situation impact Charlie's career on "Two and A Half Men?"  So far there has not been any noticeable change in the ratings for "Two and a Half Men" and experts believe the current scandal will not harm the school or Charlie Sheen's long term career.

If you stop and think about it the current situation is ironic in a number of ways including how Charlie Sheen's current issues could easily be those of Charlie Harper.

Afterall, Charlie Harper has a history of picking the wrong women in his life and he certainly has had some crazy episodes involving his use of alcohol.  Remember the time he was dragged into court in front of his then-girlfriend who was a judge?    I rest my case.

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