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Definition Of Stalker Hairstyle

The alleged weird man following actress Jennifer Garner and her family has been officially charged with stalking.  The man is allegedly Steven Burky.  The man was picked up by police after he was found hanging out at the children's nursery Jennifer's adorable daughter Violet has been attending.

(Image of 1962 movie version of "Cape Fear" starring Robert Mitchem as violent criminal and stalker Max Cady)

Can you only imagine how scary that must be for Jennifer Garner, her husband Ben Affleck and their two children?  Unlike some high profile celebs, Jennifer and Ben have attempted to fly under the celebrity wire to avoid these types of incidents.  Unfortunately Burky has been following Jennifer since 2002.

Burky was charged with stalking and violating a restraining order which specifically barred him from the entire Affleck/Garner family.   The alleged stalker entered a plea of not guilty.

(Image of 1991 movie version of "Cape Fear" starring Robert De Niro as violent criminal and stalker Max Cady)

Ms. Garner says she fears for the safety of herself and her family due to Burky's presence in their lives for the past seven years.  It has been theorized that the Affleck/Garner family have bodyguards and other protective procedures in place.

Nothing can be more upsetting to parents than to know their innocent children could be caught up in a stalker's aim.

What Is The Definition Of Stalker Hairstyles?

It has been noted that Burky is notable, besides his alleged stalking behaviors, for his stalkerish freak hair.  Burky has dyed platinum hair with contrasting darker and very oily, greasy roots.   He wears his hair parted at the center with strands hanging on either side of the part and falling onto his forehead.  Not a good hair look for anyone but definitely adds to the creep factor of Burky.

Burky's weird looking hair brings up a good question.  Is there such a thing as a stalker hairstyle?  We have Emo hairstyles, rocker hairstyles, mom and dad hairstyles, even surfer hairstyles.  What is the definition of a stalker hairstyle or haircut?

(Image of Keanu Reeves in the movie "The Watcher" about a mentally deranged stalker released in September 2000)

The use of stalking is credited to the tabloid press n the United States with regard to people who follow celebrities or people who are well-known.

Certainly hairdressers who work in the film and TV industry must have a general definition of what might make either a male or female stalker haircut and/or style.

If you think about any stalkers portrayed in the movies over the years you can definitely see stalkers tend to have more freaky or stand out hairstyles.  Robert De Niro's hair was part of his menacing persona in Cape Fear while Keanu Reeves in the movie "The Watcher" definitely had the look with his lank hair parted and flopping down over his forehead.

Even Sandra Bullock who recently played Mary Horowitz, a female stalker in "All About Steve" had the ultimate bad choppy haircut.  At the time I was watching the film I wondered why her horrible platinum blonde hair looked like she chopped up herself.  Now it makes some sense.

(Image of poster for film "All About Steve" where Sandra Bullock's character stalks Bradley Cooper's character with hilarious consequences."

One hairdresser I talked to told me for me a bad buzz cut can always be a base hairstyle to work with.  Also hairstyles that lend towards an unkempt, oily, greasy, knotted or over the top appearance.  Long straggly strands also look somewhat stalkerish in the right setting.

Obviously a dramatic hair color like Jennifer Garner's alleged stalker would also be a good place to start.  However, just because you had platinum hair, dark roots or oily strands, it doesn't make you a stalker.  Right?

What is your definition of stalker hair?

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