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Lindsay Lohan's Fashion Collection Leads To Resignation Of Emanuel Ungaro Executive

Mounir Moufarrige, president and chief executive of French fashion house Emanuel Ungaro, has resigned just over two months after a widely panned collection by American actress Lindsay Lohan.

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The fashion house made a statement on Wednesday  which said Mr. Moufarrige would continue to advise the company.  By all media accounts the company has been suffering since couturier Emanuel Ungaro retired in 2004.   Since the departure of Ungaro, the company has gone through several stylists and two chief executives including Mr. Moufarrige.

The company spokesperson declared that Mr. Moufarrige's departure was not related to Lindsay Lohan.  According to the statement released by the company "Mounir Moufarrige has withdrawn from serving as president of Emanuel Ungaro in order to devote more time to his other businesses, namely, in the watch and jewelry industry."

Mr. Moufarrige hired Lohan as a company fashion and artistic adviser to work on the spring/summer 2010 show  which ws held in October of 2009.   At the time, Mr. Moufarrige's stated aim was to give the aging and struggling fashion brand an "electric shock" that would reboot sales and hopefully pull in young, star-struck fashionistas who follow Lindsay.

The actress worked with chief desisnger Estrella Archs but all reports said Lindsay only had approximately two weeks to put the entire collection together.  In all fairness, even Project Runway finalists have longer than that to put their limited collections together for the runways.  Definitely not enough time for a full collaboration.

Unfortunately, the result of Lindsay's collaboration was buttocks-exposing mini-dresses and heart-shaped nipple pasties.  The collection was widely criticized and was not considered a success by the majority of fashion critics.

Many fashion fans were shocked by the turn of events at the Ungaro label since for many years the legendary fashion house was considered so special.    Although he has now resigned,  Mr. Moufarriage had a positive spin on Lindsay's designs after the show.    He pointed out that Ms. Lohan generated major interest and had a style that many watched.

While it's definitely true Lindsay Lohan does generate global interest, it's usually due to her botched love life with Samantha Ronson, her widely reported drinking and alleged drunk abuses and her unraveling career.  Not necessary her fashion sense.  At the time Lindsay linked up with Ungaro it was also questioned why she was selected versus so many other actresses wo do have an admirable style.

Ungaro has stated that even though Mr. Moufarriage has resigned, Lindsay and Estrella Archs would continue on in their work for the fashion house.

When Mr. Moufarriage was the president of design house Chloe he replaced Karl Lagerfeld with Stella McCarney who went on to become a huge success with fashion critics as well as the buying public.  At the time, Stella was only 25 years old.  It's definitely reasonable that Mr. Moufarriage considered Lindsay as a possible 20 something second coming of Stella, who now has her own very successful collection.

Emanuel Ungaro, founded in 1965, was acquired in 2005 by American high-tech entrepreneur Asim Abdullah from Italian house Ferragamo. Mr.  Moufarrige joined the company in 2006, having previously worked at Richemont.  Marie Fournier was recently apponted general manager.  Ms. Fournier used to work at Dior in the licensing division.  She had previously been working in business development for Ungaro.

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