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Hunter Parrish Had Make Out Session With Air To Win Weeds Role

Plano, Texas native Hunter Parrish of Weeds was on The Bonnie Hunt Show to talk about his work on TV's "Weeds", his newest movie role in "It's Complicated" and learning how to fly.  He was bursting with energy and personality.

(Image LF of Hunter Parrish as Silas Botwin and Alexander Gould as Shane Botwin (Season 5: episode 8) - Photo: Monty Brinton/Showtime -All Rights Reserved)

Hunter made a dashing appearance when he propelled himself down Bonnie's stage pole by twisting his body into an almost upside down glide.

He was very handsome with a classic style of dark blazer, dark jeans, white shirt and matching sweater with the shirt color showing open at the top.  His hair was perfectly coiffed in a spikey style from his hairline back to the crown.

The sides were worn down but in a piece-y texture.  Although he sometimes wears his hair this way on 'Weeds' he also wears the front down over his forehead in a softer hairstyle from time to time.

Bonnie told Hunter about his entrance "you were pretty fearless."  Hunter said "That was fun.  I wanted to do some more tricks, but I tried and then it didn't happen."

Bonnie said "it looked like you were going to go upside down."  Hunter "but I tried, and that's all that matters."  The hostess said "you did, you looked kinda action hero-ish."  Hunter "Nice.  I'll take that."

Hunter's Ivy League - First Holy Communion Look

Bonnie continued  "and you do have this kinda Ivy League slash First Holy Communion look (referring to his blazar) and it works for you.  No, you're going to love this because you're a classic so you're not going to look back at the show in ten years and go 'what was I thinking?' You're always going to like the way you look.  That's the good thing about not going with the Trend Being The Friend but more of a classic."

Hunter laughed  "Thank you.  You're always very classy yourself.  It's true.  I'm like a huge fan.  I'm like shaking a little bit.  I love, I grew up on all your movies and I'm gushing a tiny bit."

Hunter Learns How To Fly

Bonnie "Awww, thank you sweetheart.  Awww. That's very very nice, but I'm hardly that old."  She continued "speaking of how young you are, I know you've been on Twitter talking about taking up this new hobby, you're learning to fly."

Hunter "yeah.  I am, I am.  I just actually flew my first plane."  Bonnie showed a photo of Hunter in the plane and he said "oh there it is, the cockpit of the plane."

Bonnie "What do you mean you flew your first plane?  Already?"

Hunter "I did, I did, my first lesson.  They let you fly.  And I don't know why they do this.  It's really terrible.  They let you."

Bonnie "But you weren't at United Airlines or something."

Hunter "No, noooo, it was just a small plane.  It was just a small plane.  But there's four passengers and you have an instructor there and I flew the plane.  I looked over at one point, it was just an hour flight, and I looked over at one point, and the instructor guy is not holding on to anything."

Bonnie "Whattttt?"  Hunter "Yes, and that was scary.  But then sorta like Fight or Flight, you just do it.  You know."

Bonnie "How do your folks feel about this?"  Hunter "Well my dad was actually in the back row.  He actually has hit pilot license and he had told me about it.  He hadn't flown in a small plane since 1986, before I was born.  And so, and so he came.  But he came. So that was fun.  But yeah, they tell you it's better to not know anything."

More About Hunter's Family

Bonnie "Is your dad single?  He might be my age." Hunter "He's not.  Happily married to my mother, 32 years now...soooo."

Bonnie "Are you enjoying it (flying)?  Do you think you'll stick with it?"

Hunter "Oh yeah, I have another one (lesson) later this week. I have another, you know, my second lesson.  So"

Bonnie "so will you Twitter and put pictures and stuff?"  Hunter  "Oh year.  These will come out at some time.  I was saving it for you guys."  Bonnie "Oh that's great.  Every sweet.  Well then we have an exclusive on your first pictures taking flight."

Coming All The Way From The South For 'Weeds'

She continued "Now you came all the way from the South (Plano, Texas) when you auditioned for 'Weeds' right?"

Hunter "I did."  Bonnie "How did that come about?  Did you read it in the paper?  Or did you have an agent? No I don't know."

Making Out With Air To Win Part Of Silas Botwin

Hunter "I had come out, like the Summer before, and got an agent.  So I was really lucky.  And I did.  Then I went back home to figure out if I really wanted to do this crazy thing and I sent in the tape.  You know.  The agent said 'send in a tape' so I sent in a tape.  And it was kinda bizarre because the scene was me and my girlfriend and we're making out.  But there's obviously no girlfriend in the tape so I'm just sitting there going, you now  (and he demonstrated kissing and moving his tongue) with air.  Because it's inner cut with dialogue and then I'm getting upset because she keeps talking   during our makeup session.  So then I have to make out with air, but then they must have enjoyed it because five years now.  So air, making out with air."

Bonnie than showed a photo of the cast from 'Weeds.'

It's Complicated

Bonnie then asked about making the movie 'It's Complicated.'  She said "it must have been a big deal, you're working with Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin and...."

Hunter said "yeah I was super super fortunate and I've seen the movie and it's really funny so you guys (he pointed to the audience) have to go see it.  It's great."

Bonnie "did your folks.  Did you get to see it the first time with your mom and dad?"

Hunter "Umm, not the first time but we just had the premiere actually last week in New York and I brought them out.  They came out to New York and we did the premiere.  And they got to take pictures with everybody and I think they loved it.  A little piece of Hollywood for my simple parents."

Bonnie "I can related to that.  I can feel your gratitude.  And how much it is to share it with them and everything." Hunter "Well they sacrificed so much for me to be able to do it so I have to give back a little bit." Bonnie "That's very sweet.  That's the way to be.  That's wise and good."

Hunter than set up a clip from 'It's Complicated' to show to the audience.

Bonnie said "you're a good actor."  Hunter replied "awww"  Bonnie "you're great in 'Weeds', so talented.  It'll be very exciting to see what happens to your career."  When Bonnie thanked Hunter for stopping by he said "what an honor.  Thanks a lot."

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