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Bonnie Hunt's Auntie Annie Turning 90 Years Old

The adorable Bonnie Hunt always sits at her desk during the opening of her show and chats with Don, Nick and the band members, when they're on set.

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On a recent show she announced that her Auntie Annie was turning 90 years old.  It's her mom's older sister and she lives in New York with her kids.  She said "she's just amazing" and she's "still raising the kids."

Note: Happy 90th Birthday to Bonnie's Auntie Annie!

Bonnie then said she was kidding about her aunt raising the kids, but she did say "there a nice connection though with her family.

Bonnie explained that "Auntie Annie was married to Uncle Wally and Uncle Wally was a wonderful musician, but he was also a photographer. A lot of the pictures you see on the set (of The Bonnie Hunt show) of my mom and my mom and dad Uncle Wally took."

Uncle Wally took the photos "with this beautiful camera when we were growing up.  Of course even when my mom was a kid cause this was her older sister's husband.  And when my uncle passed away my cousin wrote me a note saying my Uncle Walt always dreamed of moving to California someday and he never made it.  So his camera should be there with you.  So it's always up there in the balcony."

The cameramen on the show then panned to a very old but gorgeous camera sitting pointed towards the stage.

Bonnie said "yeah, there it is.  It's so old, huh?"  Don said "it's beautiful."  Bonnie agreed "it is beautiful.  It's really a piece of history and certainly for our family's sake, all the pictures of so many people."  Don asked Bonnie "did it (the camera) take the picture of your mom there on the back door?"  Bonnie confirmed that it had.

One of the great things about watching Bonnie Hunt is that she shares so much about her family.  She came from a big Irish Catholic family in Chicago and there is a real sense of sharing and caring and old fashioned family values.  Whether you're into that stuff or not, it's nice to say that Bonnie pays homage to her mom, aunts and relatives in such a humble and respectful way.

Could Bonnie Hunt be any more of a doll?  I doubt it.  She is definitely a feel good talk show hostess, not to mention a great actress.  I really enjoyed her in so many of her various acting roles through the years.

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