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Farouk Systems Inc. Rallies For the Fort Hood Military Community

Farouk Systems Inc. Rallies For the Fort Hood Military Community

While meeting with the mayor of Loreda, TX, Farouk Systems Chairman and Founder Farouk Shami was notified of the tragic shooting that left 13 people dead and approximately 30 wounded in the military community of Fort Hood.

(Image of Farouk Shami - Farouk - All Rights Reserved).

Immediately, Shami alerted company CEO Rami Shami and President Shauky Gulamani, and the three developed a plan of action to respond to the catastrophe.

The executives gathered in the company's Houston headquarters to make preparations to send care packages to the soldiers, families and hospitals affected by the horrific attack.

Shami states, "After the devastating rampage, Farouk Systems was ready to send truck loads of care packages to our soldiers and the families in need.

We made contact with the Fort Hood American Red Cross and local hospitals in order to respond accordingly. We are a company of action, and we are doing everything in our power to ensure that our neighbors in Fort Hood are taken care of as they endure the aftermath of this heartbreaking attack."

Farouk Systems, Inc. recently announced the relocation of its manufacturing facilities to Houston, Texas from South Korea and China, moving 1,277 jobs back to America. After the tragic incident at Fort Hood, many of those employees were working diligently to assemble care packages instead of hair tools.

President Shauky Gulamani stated, "We are saddened by the tragedy that occurred and we worked all day to get the necessary items ready to ship." The company has been coordinating its efforts with Fort Hood American Red Cross Director Sharron Gilkey, plus the directors of the Waco, Killeen and Temple chapters. applauds Farouk Systems' efforts and donations of more than $1 million to the military community and surrounding hospitals.

About Farouk Systems

Farouk Systems, Inc. is a Houston based privately held company that manufactures the world renowned high quality professional hair care brands CHI, BioSilk, SunGlitz and CHI Nails. The company began in 1986, during the 80's recession, when Farouk Shami invented the first ammonia-free hair lightener and color system. Then, Shami introduced the use of natural silk molecules in hair care products called BioSilk®.

Additionally, Farouk Systems pioneered thermal tool technology when it created the CHI® Iron becoming the first company to incorporate ceramic, ionic and far infrared into hair tools. Utilizing advanced American Technology, the company created hair dryers with low Electromagnetic Fields and hair tools with Nano Silver, which kills up to 650 forms of bacteria.

Farouk Systems also introduced the first nail lacquer that eliminated harmful ingredients. CHI Nails is formulated with ceramic for durability, silk for a high-gloss finish and Nano Silver for the ultimate protection against bacteria. Farouk Systems' commitment to high quality and innovation was exemplified by the hiring of former NASA Senior Scientist, Dr. Dennis Morrison, as its Senior Vice President of Technology.

This year, the company also brought its manufacturing back from China and South Korea and within one year is employing 1,277 people. Mr. Shami also owns three ranches in Texas and planted 10,000 olive trees, which the company uses in the CHI Organics line.

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